Crazy idea (not entirely MS)

So, something happened to me this morning. Is it normal for someone to stumble out of bed, wobbly and full of cold, weave to the shower and emerge thinking ‘I’m going to cycle the London to Brighton charity ride’? I don’t even own a bicycle. It is six years since I last used two wheeled transport (without the aid of 112bhp anyhow). Over the last few days I’ve been taking longer to get out of a chair than I’d like to admit and the stairs have morphed into Everest, but somewhere this ever confused mind of mine has got the idea that I can cycle 54 miles.

I have seen and read some very inspirational stories lately of MSers running marathons and doing all sorts of exhausting challenges , and I suppose the rational (if there is any!) behind my thinking, is if they can do it, then at the moment, so can I.

Also, the last few months have been such a rollercoaster, I reckon giving myself something to work towards will help the mind focus, and keep everything as positive as possible.

Maybe tomorrow I shall wake up back in reality, and realise that I’m a relatively unhealthy ex smoker who counts orange squash as one of her five a day (joke!). But it will be too late, I’ve booked it! Now to find a bike…

Another part of my reasoning, is I’d quite like to do it for an MS related charity, perhaps the MS Society? The help, support and dozens of booklets and guides I have receieved lately has been incredible, and maybe this will go a little way to saying thank you.

Now I’m going for a lie down before I do something else crazy

Ha sounds ace, go for it if you think you can do it!!

I did it prior to MS a couple of times and loved it !! Esp the drinks in brighton.

It will certainly give you something to focus on, we all need that whatever physical state we are in!

I think it’s the thought of a few bevvy’s in Brighton will get me to the finish line! How long did it take you to finish?

Dear Traitsy, having a ‘brainstorm’ and coming up with a fantastic notion isn’t unheard of, not round here anyway.A fine scheme…May I humbly suggest you have a go on a static bicycle exercise thingy to see how that feels before bothering to get a bike, and to see if there are likely to be any negative side effects, apart from a sore bum

I applaud your Five a Day, and don’t forget strawberry icecream and the coconut Bounty bar.

Best of luck,


Aye that’s not a bad shout, I think my Dad has one of those exercise bike things. I had one once upon a time but it became an expensive coat stand! I used to be very fit and healthy til I discovered drinking and smoking in my late teens, then work took over my life, now MS has wriggled it’s way in, it could be a bit of a challenge!

Ooh June, thats quite soon! I’ve got until Sept to get myself ready for mine!

Best of luck Pat, I hope your arm plays ball, I hear front brake can be quite important!

Yes the bevvies were a good carrot, 3 hrs and 15 mins. There are loads of places to stop for a bbq etc!! Final hill just outside Brighton is a big ask , but many people push up the hill.

Ahh yes, I think that’s Ditchling Beacon. I can quite safely say I’ll be pushing the bike up there!

Well done traitsy, I am one of those MS Nutters! As part of my 10 sport challenge last year I did the 26 mile Great Manchester Cycle with friends. I have a friend this year who is aiming for the 52 mile version! Should I take it on? Does it rain in Britain? I know the answer to both those…

Haha, I like it! Best of Britsh to you, I know I’m going to need it!