A little advice

Hi all, I’ve posted messages on here before so hopefully some of you will be familiar with me already. Ok yesterday my mum’s Carers somehow managed to injured my mother. It happened I think as they were trying to manoeuvre her into her bathroom to give her a shower. She had told them she didn’t want one and actually needed the toilet, but it seems they ignored her. Somehow they cut the top of her foot, three times on the radiator. When one of the Carers called me for help and I went into the bathroom there was blood everywhere, it looked like it was pouring for her foot. The carer then tried to force me out the bathroom and get me to get her a cloth to wrap the foot in. The Carers were reluctant to phone for an ambulance so I did. Whilst I was on the phone the Carers gave my mother a shower and so when the ambulance turned up she was soaking wet and naked. The ambulance crew where outraged and head a go at the Carers, say thing they’ve probably washed dirt and soap into the cuts. We went to A&E and after over a four hour wait saw a lovely dr. The cuts needed stitches, she needed a tetanus and antibiotics and strong painkillers. I phoned the care company when I got in and they we nothing about the incident. I feel awful. I got Carers in to help my mums I couldn’t do everything anymore, I was so tired and needed a bitifhelp with my mum. They only come in in the mornings to get her up, and four other times during the whole week. I do her dinners and put her to bed etc. I needed Carers in so I could. Go uni and have time for me. Once more this is the second time I few mo that Carers have injured my mother. Last time they almost sliced her toe of. I don’t know what to do. I’ve just spoken to the care manager who says the Carers will be dismissed and I feel awful for this, I don’t want to get anyone sacked. Anyone got any advice who I should contact, complain to?

Oh crikey! What a to do indeed. This really is bad on the part of the carers.

I imagine your poor mum will now be afraid of who is coming next.

I use carers who I pay for via Direct Payments. That way I have employed my own. i didnt want to use an agency, as i know they can send different carers at different times of the day and it can be not what we would want.

You do need to speak to someone urgently and I suggest you ring your GP surgery and ask to speak to the Community matron.

luv Pollx