A hug can be amazing!

Hi All

I have an amazing family and fabulous colleagues and friends, who always seem to know when I need a bit of a hug as a pick me up! (((((}}}}}

I am however having issues with a colleague who is always sniping because, she can’t go home for a sleep when she’s tired. Or, I’m tired too because I had a late night last night! One rule for one another for everyone else! (Her words not mine!)

I always deal with things through humour but am finding this particularly wearing, particularly as she always says such things when there are only the two of us about.

Would welcome any suggestions on how to deal with this problem. My manager is fantastic and so supportive and would be appalled if he knew what was going on.

Trying not to be negative as I am such a positive person usually, but finding this difficult!

Thanks All

Freckles xxx

hi, it must be a case of you cant win `em all, eh?

Most folk understand that we need to do things a little differently than most, but dealing with a continually sniping work colleague is really difficult…had some of that meself back in my working life. I was hurt by someone I thought was a good friend. I didnt go on about my difficulties, but when I had to excuse my slowness etc, she constantly said she felt the same!

Is it possible to avoid this person at all? I get why you dont want to rock the boat at work, but maybe you will have to have a quiet word with your manager and then he can have a quiet word with the offender.

luv Pollx

Hi Hugs are great for a pick me up. I don’t know if it would help but cold you leave the information booklet about MS fatigue by the MS trust for this person to read so they have all the info. Might be worth a try. Barney

Barney`s idea is a good one and yeh, try that, eh?


You can try Barney’s idea and if that doesn’t work then maybe you should just quietly ask her to stop. Let her know that it upsets you. If she carries on then you will need to speak to your manager…its a form of bullying on her part in my opinion. All the best to you, hope it gets sorted.

Thanks all for the advice have done as suggested and left all literature I have about ms in the staff room at work. Have had a really positive reaction everyone seems pleased that they can begin to understand a little bit about the new weird me!

Thanks again xxx

I know what that feels like . I had a problem with a work colleague before my diagnosis and reported it to my manager . I didn’t get an apology but did get better treatment from her . since my diagnosis management have been sensitive giving me extra breaks etc and everyone else has been supportive except this one woman . Sheseems sore that Ii am getting ‘special’ treatment. I have reduced my hours to avoid her and reduce the stress I feel