A Great Holiday

Hi Everyone I have just come back from what i can only say as a dam great holiday the reson i am telling you all this is because the area and the hotel is perfect for well people like us. The hotel catered for people with disabilitys with lifts to all floors ramps to all areas and everything set out perfectly for wheelchair access. The local area was the same all shops have ramp access and set out well even the public transport catered for the disabled. I can recommend this hotel fully even the food and the entertainment was out of this world and its very quiet so if your interested look it up we booked with Thomas Cook but sure you may get it with others. The hotel is : Club Hotel Sur Menorca Dave

Thanks Dave - always good to know!

Glad you had a good time

Karen x

Hi Karen

Its a great place we had a fab time anyway how are you ?


Frankly, I could do with a holiday! Currently having a mini relapse of vertigo plus fatigue is off the scale :frowning: It doesn’t help that I’m coming off modafinil so I can try fampyra, the new drug that’s supposed to help people walk faster. Ah well, could be worse!

Thanks for asking!


That’s not good at all i hate fatigue it’s one of the worse things about the illness. I am starting on amantadine to see if it helps me did you start on that before the modafinil if so did you have any problems? I hope you feel better soon and get that holiday booked a week away will do you the world of good lol. Dave :slight_smile:

I tried amantadine in the early 2000’s. It seemed to help a bit in the beginning, and I didn’t have any side effects that I can remember, but after a while it seemed to make me more tired - weird! We’re all different though, so hopefully you’ll do better on it.

Kids have just started college and uni, so no holidays for a while for me

I’ll make up for it one day though!


Hey Karen hellms on the ppms forum was asking if anyone knew anything about fampyra. Perhaps you can pass on some info as apparently it is a very new drug?! Tree65 x

I’ll go have a look - thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Can you remember what post? I can’t find it!


Go to the forum home page and then the primary progressive MS page, then the post entitled Fampyra by hellMS. Hth Tree65

Thanks! I very stupidly hadn’t seen the ppms bit of your post!