A&E visit with excruciating pain in my arm..

#1 DaisyJ Visit to A&E, the most excruciating pain in my arm:( After visit the doctor yesterday morning because the pain in my arm was absolutely crippling me and being given Co-Codamol 30/500mc and Naproxen I ended up having to go to A&E at 6pm. I cannot describe the pain, I’ve never felt anything so intense un my life. It started on Saturday just feeling numb and cold and a bit tingly but then progressed to that. They gave me morphine which didn’t do anything and then tramadol which didn’t even touch the pain either. Then I had a saline drip because my blood pressure had plummeted. Followed by a CT scan to rule out a stroke (because of all the dizziness and confusion over tbe past few weeks aswell)…I’d not had a stroke and no tumours, thank God! The doctor concluded it was a neurologicall problem causes nerve pain and that’s why the morphine and tramadol hadn’t worked. He gave me Amitryptaline and that started to ease the pain, although I was really sick after taking it. Probably because I’d had the other drugs as well. Today has been absolute hell, I was woken around 2pm by the pain and have been in agony since. I took Gabapentin that the hospital gave me to bring home but that didn’t seem to work. I ended up just in tears as the pain was so shocking. My husband finally managed to get to the doctors for me and they gave me some Amitryptaline. I’ve taken one and it seems to be easing off…what a total nightmare, I’ve never been in so much pain in my life and never new that nerve pain could be so intense. To anyone who has suffered with something like this you have my absolute sympathy. Does anyone know how long this may be likely to last?

it might not be a permanent problem, could just be a relapse.

however nerve pain is horrible.

i describe it to people who have no idea about ms as being like neuralgia.

have you been diagnosed?

if not, you should contact your neuro and update him.

take care and try to relax your way through christmas.

carole x

Thank you Carole, not diagnosed but going to Neurologist soon so I will let him/her know. I’ve started to notice my legs suddenly jerking outwards, like they do when someone is testing your reflexes in your knee…wierd!


No advice sorry but wanted to say you’re in my thoughts. Sounds horrible and very frightening. I really hope the pain eases fast.

Weird but on some other forum or this one cant remember we were talking about this too lol.

I have had this, went to doctor on an emergency as thought i was having a heart attack, the pain in my left arm was so intense.

After tests nothing. It was put down to neuralgia, and could have been coming from my an area under my ribs from shingles.

The pain was like the worse toothache/abcess in my arm.

I just rode it through (i dont do morphine and stuff), and after about 2 days it just disappeared like it came. I found out the next day my urine test was also positive for UTI.

I have had it again but not quite as severe. My GP put it down to my MS, or said it was nerve pain and could have been caused either through a dormant shingles attack (woken up), or my UTI…etc.

I have sympathy for you. I hope yours goes like mine did. MERRY XMAS anyway. Try and have some sort of day with your family. x