A couple of tips about quotes

A friend was having problems using quotes on here so I wrote something out for them. They suggested I post it on here too.

There is one wee problem with me writing it in here though - it will put bits of what I say into quotes! So I am having to change the brackets. If you are reading this / using it later, change all the curly brackets { } into square brackets .

The software on here recognises what to put in a quote box by two simple statements:

{quote=username} means “put the following words by username into a quote box on the forum”

{/quote} means “this is the end of the quote”

When you press the quote button on a post, the software copies it into the comments box where you type your reply, but adds {quote=username} to the beginning and {/quote} to the end. For some reason, the {/quote} bit is several lines below the end of the text so is easy to miss.

If you type before that {/quote}, whatever you write will be put into the quote box. So, you need to make sure you type AFTER the {/quote} bit.

To only quote bits of someone’s post rather than the whole thing, you just edit the text between the {quote=username} and {/quote}. The software will put whatever’s left into the quote box. Make sure you don’t delete either the {quote=username} or {/quote} bits though otherwise the quote box won’t appear at all.

You can also just copy and paste whatever you want into the comments box yourself, then type in the {quote=username} and {/quote} bits manually. It’s often faster!

Remember to use square brackets though!

A couple of examples (me typing in the code myself):


This is me typing in the {quote} codes myself

but then forgetting to type the {/quote} bit

and then typing after the {/quote} bit so it works properly

No idea if this will make sense when the quote boxes are actually there! Hope so!

Karen x

Could you say all that in words of one syllabub for Mods like me with cog fog? Seriously, well done Karen but I would have to print that out to follow it [hard to believe my first two university modules were on ICT and Computing!!!]


How bizzarre!!!

That last box should have looked like this:

And then typing after the {/quote} bit so it works properly


Please bring back the preview function?!

Ha ha, isn’t that just sod’s law!

Thanks Karen… I think I get it, but if they gave us back the ‘reply to reply’ we wouldn’t need it would we?

Those were the days my friend… reply to reply… ah, I remember them well…

Pat x

Thank you for this, Karen!

The quote function is awfully hard to get the hang of (if you’re me, anyway) when you are in the dark because there is no preview function. So thank you for the advice. I’ll probably still make a mess of it, though…



Oh yeah!


Hey! I just realised, I didn’t do multiple quotes…
Hmm. Maybe not!

… We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day…

I miss it too Pat


Go on, have a go!

Just make sure and type after the last [/quote].


Oh how I miss a preview function and the ‘reply to reply’. AND a spell checker :slight_smile:

Thanks for the {quote=rizzo} tips, Karen


Thanks Karen, that’s very helpful

You fibber Liz - you quote perfectly all the time

I’ve no idea how to make it easier to follow for anyone who doesn’t though!

Btw - how come when you reply, the thread sometimes moves to a different page?


Ta Annie