A couple of one liners!

Since the snow has come all the wife has done is look through the window.

If she does it again I might have to let her in.

Japanese scientists have invented a super fast shutter speed on a camera.

They can now photograph women with their mouths shut!!


(No offence intended to women as I am one).

Shazzie xx

giggle, titter, guffaw, smirk

I like

Nice one, well two actually.


Really pleased you liked them.

Shazzie xx

Shazzie, I think I am starting to NEED you - to make me giggle at least once a week :wink:

Sonia xx

Keep them coming Shazzie, you make me giggle too!!!


Awww. Thank you soooo much Becky and Sonia.

I have got a load more so will definitely send them in weekly so we can have a chuckle!!!

Shazzie xx