Anyone read it ?

I announced to my husband that I had ordered it off the internet... he smirked.... and my eldest lad shouted "MUM THATS PORN.. !".. husband smirked again... I sniggered..."yes.. I know it is..." was my reply.

Anyone read it .. any good ...?


Not yet.... bought it today in the supermarket.  Just to see what everyone's talking about..... 

Have started but not got to the naughty bits yet!! Will let you know.... thumbsup

I’m on the second of the trilogy, enjoying them muchly x

I picked them up in Tesco the other day and put them down!!!......gonna go back and get them need to know what everyones talking about!......everyone on fb raving about them!

Emma all 3 in as many days. Fab books, I loved them. And it is the first time I have developed a crush on a fictional character (Mr Grey)
My ipad is synched to my husbands iphone so he gets what I download and visa versa…I keep telling him he should read them…it might be worth his while lol

Hiya,  yep i've read all 3, they that good i'm now Re-reading them lol....enjoy :)

Sally x

just started it yesterday, I downloaded all 3 on to my kindle so they better be good, have kindle now only because I read alot and sometimes books can be to heavy and painful to hold, Jean x

My daughter - who has nevered enjoyed reading novels - has the series on her lpad - and is reall y hooked on it  - so l shall definitely be reading it.


I was in a book shop the other day and picked it up. Ok I am a bloke, but I also read a lot. All I can say is that I am deeply disappointed that many woman are reading what seems to me, to be such a poorly written book. So it is classified as "mummy porn", if it was well written then maybe it would be better!!


I have read all three and even though I'm normally a crime/thriller reader I thoroughly enjoyed them.


They are not books for blokes, no argument about that. I wouldn’t class them as mommy porn either [I believe ‘erotica’ is the correct term]…I bought the first one not knowing what it was about. They are far from my usual reading genres but I loved all three…and I thought they were fairly well written.

I wouldn’t expect you to read them even if they were written by John Grisham.


Thank you for that tip! I’ve no moral objection to reading “porn”, but I am particular about whether something’s well-written or not, so I suspect this trilogy is not for me. I had reservations when I read it was based on “Twilight”, which I found mediocre. And I always have more respect for original work, and not something that is seeking to cash in on something else that sold well.


I downloaded the free chapters into my kindle and, bearing in mind it’s Twilight origins, low expectations.

Well, I hadn’t even begin to set my expectations low enough. SO BAD! Irritating characters, horribly written, repetitious language.

Whoever said this book was for women is mistaken - it’s a book for people with no taste. Sorry if you enjoyed it but you’re much better off with a Jilly Cooper if a bit of smut is what you’re after.

this was a highly amusing read for me. (this thred not the book) i didnt know the existance of these books. I download all my books these days so only get what i want and dont trail round shops looking at books. But i must say i nearly wet myself laughing at the term “mummy porn”. Il have to tell my girl freind as most of the books she read belong on the top shelf and im sure she will be glad of some more filth to read. Lol lol lol ps im still sat sniggering

well perhaps the women have progressed from chaucer! 

i havent read the gray books but its like coronation street - you dont have to watch it to know whats happening.

carole x

Daughter is reading it. Asking for her opinion now and should I read it.

mummy porn? wotabout granny porn then?

luv Pollx

Left me cold im afraid, not very well written, story cr@p, its not erotica its cr@ptica !confused

I'll wait 'til it's out on DVD...

LOL I'm reading them just now, liking the story but getting bored of the sex!