49 year old man - Likely/possible New MS patient.

Hi All,

Sympathise and support all readers out there.

For myself first symptoms that i was aware of started 7 months ago with severe pins and needles / numbness in my right hand.

Gp and chiropractor initally though it was a trapped nerve.

It followed by mood swings, tiredness. Have constant blurriness but had put that down to my natural deteriorating eye sight!

With 2 young children and a stressful job it is not easy to separate tiredness/fatigue etc…

The hand and arms tingles / numbness stayed through the summer but eased.

My right leg then became heavy and i would need to almost drag it along. Gp then sent me for Brain xray in August.

That still comes and goes.

Xray revealed too much water on one side of the brain and they suggested a brain MRI.

I await a brain MRI. Symptoms come and go and never at the same time. Arm hand pins and needles have improved for now as has the leg. Lost a lot of muscle and strength since in both thighs and arms. Lifting of a chair takes effort now and walking up hills.

Ive since had very tight forearms muscles on certain days.

Recently had dizzy spells , headaches and trouble with memory and focus / planning in work and life. Fatigue issues are worse.

MS has mentioned by many as has hydrocephalus.

Anxiously await next brain MRI on Nov 21 and fear a long wait to find out and sort this out.

After a mainly healthy and physically fit life the growing physical and mental challenges is extremely tough to understand and live with.

Any suggestions, thoughts what it could or shared stories or advice would be much appreciated!!!

Regards Dave.

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The only suggestion is that you congratulate yourself on getting the diagnostic ball rolling and try to be as patient as you can be.

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Hello Dave,
Welcome. I was 19 when my MS grabbed hold of my attention by taking away vision in one eye.
After 20+ years of multiple sclerosis, I need to accept I’m no longer that youth and need to take life at a much more measured pace.
I suppose I’ve had a good run but, it still frustrates me I can only manage a good shuffle at best nowadays.
Stay strong,

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Thanks Alison - appreciate that. Fingers crossed.

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Thanks JP - Stay strong mate… fight the good fight.

Hi dave. Sorry to ask. My husband’s awaing gp app hes bein experiencing arm numbness for several months but has now stopped. He then went on to have a incident where he lost all memories for 24 hrs after that hes suffered from pains in arms which gp put it to tennis elbow?? Medication not touchin it. Then the last 2 weeks he is struggling to walk up the stairs with out holding on as feels his leg will give way. Then tonight he went to the boot of car and his leg locked in place. Can u help with any symptoms u had pls as i think he may be in early stages not that im a doctor lol. Hes in his late 50s