Hi, new member with likely/possible MS

Hi all, I’m Chris a 44 year old who it is clear is now showing several symptoms of MS.

Symptoms first started about a year ago with what was some vision issues and numbness/tingling in my right leg. The vision issues were treated as I had cataract in the right eye and so surgery, initially sorted that out. However, once the eye had settled I realised that things were still not right.

The numbness and tingling in my right leg went from an infrequent visitor to an everyday occurrence around Sep/Oct time so I went to see my GP along with the constant tremor that my wife had noticed in my foot when sat at rest who then sent me to physio for a suspected trapped nerve/sciatic problem. After a few physio sessions they decided it wasn’t a physical issue and sent me for an MRI which I’m currently waiting on the result of.

Skip forward to last week and I had a funny turn with my speech so called 111 who sent me into hospital with a suspected mini stroke. Had a few tests which seemed to rule out the mini stroke but combined with my various other symptoms, the consultant is sending me for a further MRI of the brain and has said that they will be looking for MS.

Other symptoms currently include the numbness in my right leg, tremor in my right hand, minor speech issues after my major funny turn, some memory issues, dizziness and balance issues, blurred vision.

I’m now a 6 months post laser surgery on my eye following the cataract surgery a year ago and what was suspected as just some inflammation at the back of the eye although they couldn’t understand the cause of it at the time. And almost 6 months since I first saw the physio for the suspected trapped nerve in my lower back.

Coupled with all of this I am also due to see the cardiologist with a possible abnormal heart rhythm! :woozy_face:

How do you all cope with the waiting for tests results? I appreciate that it takes time to get answers but would love to know how others cope with all the waiting.



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Hi Chris and welcome buddy hope you are doing ok . Tbh some things take time to sort out they’ll have to rule out lots of other things before thy give you some answers your mri will help .and you may need to do more tests …Dont panic…you are coping. Hopefully you get some answers soon after MRI .keep us posted.