2nd opinion from the same neuro!

Hi all So got my appointment through for a second opinion and its with the same neuro i saw the first time round. How on earth is that a second opinion? I was hoping that i would be seen by a specialist but guess not. Not feeling optimistic about getting sorted Claudette

Oh dear Claudette! Well, that’s not really a second opinion is it (unless he has a split personality, lol)?

It may be worth a visit to your GP hun and ask if he can give them a call.

Mags xx

I would defo visit your GP seeing the same neuro who hasn’t diagnosed you or helped is not a second opinion.



Hello Claudette, I would be inclined to go back and see your gp and explain that you wanted a second opinion but not from the same neuro you saw before, so would they please state which neuro you would like to see making sure it’s not the same one again.



Hi Claudette,

Is it definitely for the “second opinion”, or is it possible it’s a coincidence, and is a follow-up with the first guy, that would have been scheduled anyway?

If it is meant to be your 2nd opinion, and it’s not just that two appointments have crossed, then no, there’s definitely a mistake, as you cannot have a “2nd opinion” from the same person. He’s not going to disagree with himself, is he?

It is your right to get a genuine second opinion, from a different person, and not just to hear the first one repeat themselves.

Sounds like they’ve probably just lost the record of who you saw to begin with, so it’s automatically defaulted to the same again.


OFGS! I’d speak to your GP. Maybe they need to be more specific on the referral request. Good luck! Cx