Second opinion

Hi has anyone ever requested a second opinion from Neuro??

No you ask your GP to arrange.


I asked for a second opinion years ago. My GP sorted it.


Thanks, was thinking to speak to the MS nurse to see what she recomends. Dont have much faith in the GP either



yes-as others have said,gp can request for you.


Hi yes. This happened to me, but because i saw a different neuro every 6 months and then yearly. Saw 13 altogether in as many years.

It muddied the waters for me and caused even more confusion when each neuro had his or her own ideas.

I ended up being fobbed off. I asked to see a top MS nuero and he wouldnt see me!

Hope your experience is better.

luv Pollx

I went to my GP with the name of the neuro I wanted to see and the hospital he is at. I thought I would have to pay (but still needed a referral from my GP). My GP said I was entitled to a second opinion but he still had to check that the PCT would pay. They would and I now see a really great neuro. It’s worth kicking up a bit and saying to your GP that you’re entitled to a second opinion if he won’t play ball. It won’t come out of his budget these days, because MS treatment is centrally funded.

Just out of interest, in theory I still see my old one as well but the hospital postponed my last appointment with him for 11 months and then cancelled the next appointment 3 days before I would have seen him. Made me happy.