2 moans.............not MS

Afternoon campers!

Got 2 moans to vent about today for you.

  1. Had a card in the post yesterday, from PO, informing me that an item, underpaid by .09p is at the main PO in town. i can collect it myself and pay £1 for the priveledge. Well, of course they dont give any indication as to what it is.

So I went out of my way to get it. What was it? a chuffin` brochure from social services about care in the community.

its about what risk assessments put service users into 4 different categories;





Now according to my care plan for Direct Payments, i am critical. but will this mean a loss of some of my precious 16 hours a week? If it does, I`m gonna be stuck! Summat else to fret about, eh? But what about my £1.09? No compy slip to know who actually sent it!

  1. A letter from tax office came yesterday. As I employ 3 carers via Direct Payments, the tax office want me to tell them how much I pay my carers EVERY month.

Well the office which does the payslips, sends me a quarterly letter, with how much tax to pay and i duly deal with this. So why do the tax office want to change this? Do they want more tax paying?

So again, I fret about it and worried about it last night.

I rang the office who does the payslips and explained the letter. i was told that everyone is getting these letters and to ignore it, as the office will do it.

So why the `eckythump did the tax office send me and countless others, a letter we can ignore?

More money wasted, eh?


luv Pollx

Hi Poll, don’t know if it will mean less hours! Maybe just an info thing and will mean no change. Bloody cheek that you had to pay the extra postage!

And the tax letter? What on earth was the point if you’re meant to ignore it? It’s crazy.

Everyone here had a letter today from the council saying some people will have to start to pay council tax… but hidden in the middle of the letter it said that pensioners won’t have to. Well of course everyone here except me is a pensioner & none of them had read the letter properly & all in a right tizz about having to pay council tax!

What was the point of sending it to pensioners… and if they had no choice… why not make it absolutely clear that if you are a pensioner it does not apply to you?

Honestly we live in a nightmare world of bureaucratic nonsense.

Oh well… nothing we can do about it but sigh and move on! I doubt very much if you will lose any hours… amongst all the cuts I’ve heard of I haven’t heard of a reduction in direct payments.

Have a great weekend Poll,

Pat x

Cheers Pat. Yes, the authorities are very good at putting the wind up the most vulnerable in our society;

the elderly and the disabled.

Now that I am 60, do I fit into both those categories? LOL.

But strictly speaking, I wont be an OAP until 2015, when I actually get my state pension at 62.5 yrs of age.

luv Pollx

ps. got a VIP visit on Monday…Trudie, a buddy from here, who lives in France, is coming to meet me! I`m so excited! x