15 seconds - dizziness (4x per day)

My friend has had dizzy spells roughly 4x per day for the last 4 weeks. Each of these last about 15 seconds and occur randomly. She is in her late 20s and otherwise does not have symptoms and healthy. Is this a possible early symptom of MS? (Or would dizziness be expected to be continual if it was MS-related.)

About 2 years ago she had an MRI for an unrelated event and the doctor told her the MRI was not normal and possibly consistent with MS (1 lesion). At that time she had no symptoms. However, as a result, her doctor recommended she get an MRI every 4-6 months. Her MRIs were unchanged until recently, there was another abnormality. (I do not know how significant the MRI change was, but i have the impression 1 potential new lesion that possibly coincided with the dizzy spells.)

From my perspective (with limited knowledge), i would think the dizziness could be caused by many things and it would be hard to say this is MS. I would also think that multple MRIs should not have been given (?). However, regardless of these past things, her doctor wants to put her on MS medicine to prevent “future” attacks.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


dizziness can be an MS symptom, although not always with everyone.

When I was about 30yrs I suffered with dizziness & nausea spells, these were due to MS although not linked to it at the time…on & off these giddy spells lasted for approx. ten years, then suddenly stopped. I’m in my 60’s now & only occasionally have a slight feeling of being ‘off balance’

I’m not sure why so many MRI’s have been given…but the GP would not be able to prescribe ‘MS medicine to prevent future attacks’…only a Neuro can prescribe DMD’s to reduce the amount, & the severity of any future relapses…if indeed your friend does have MS

Good luck