10 Months of ongoing neurological symptoms - Murky history of anxiety disorder.

Hello all, I am posting from Australia; so greetings :slight_smile:

I really just wanted to post on here to get some advice and some thoughts, any feedback or thoughts will be extremely helpful.

Since august of 2021 I have been dealing with a whole range of neurological issues, which I can tentatively point towards happening after I had a large bloke land on the back of my head/neck. I’ve been for a cervical mri which came back unremarkable besides mild narrowing of right foreamen in my C3-C4 vertebrae and i’m extremely anxious about my brain mri this thursday. I have also had a nerve conduction study test comeback normal as well, conducted in april. Anywho, onto my symptoms which have me so concerned, I will start off by saying my anxiety in the past has presented itself psychosomatically which is what makes these persistant symtoms so confusing for me.

Intriguing what large bloke landed on the back of your head?

OK all your symptoms are quite normal for damage to vertebrae etc. I dont see anything alarming pointing to MS.

ANXIETY is the pits. I cant tell you not to be anxious as you obviously are, but what do you do all day? Have you a job, family etc, can you concentrate on other things, hobbies etc. You are being investigated at the moment so let the system work its way through, and either way you will have answers but the most obvous thing to me is how it happened…its not fair leaving us in limbo land lol. xxx