MS symptoms

Had MS symptoms for over 2 years … iv been back and forward to my GB .iv Had bloody test done etc they All come back fine . .he said iv got go see neurologica as i l could have MS . thing is iv got very very bad anxiety . Iv try 2 times to get myself in to the hospital just cant do it …( dr ready told me is not a brain cancer etc …) . My dr wont help me anymore as did not go up to the hospital . .What I would like to know couldnt he trat me for some of my symptom . Like pain in my legs back etc etc with out seening neurological . Untill I sort my anxiety out . I im thinking I should go see other dr Thank you .

Hello, Are you currently on any medication for your anxiety if it is very bad? Do you have anyone to go with you to appointments at the Hospital? What is your worst fear regarding your health? Sorry for the questions it’s just reading your post has raised more questions than I have answers/suggestions! Sam x