1 step forward n 3 steps back!!!

Hi all hope we’re all as good as can be I finally had my appointment confirmation thro for the neuro so I got straight on the phone to see if I could poss get a cancellation b4, bonus I managed to get 1 for the week b4 but will keep on trying I could have had Xmas eve but I’m away for Xmas finally after 5yrs we’re off to spend it with my family ( pretty much gave up with the travelling at that time of year cus neither myself or the o/h dont drive n the trains are a mare!!!) so that is my 1 step forward for the day (yay) I popped into to see my ladies at work just to let them know I’ve not forgotten about them n also so they can see I’m not putting anything on "/ they all seemed a lil concerned at me wobbling off to the right a bit still (feeling a lil drunk today which is effecting my balance) my boss was there who is covering for me whilst I’m signed off so I took the opportunity to grab 5 mins with as she ushered me into my office "/ I was going to broch the idea of maybe having a phased rtn to work but she basically beat me to it n was glad to have saved herself the trouble of a phone call next week!! seems as tho I’m not allowed to rtn to work be it phased or full time with out a “Fit Note” saying as much from the GP n this is all because i will have been off for 3 weeks n she’s saying its be too much paperwork for her to sort out without havig the Fit Note so there we have it . . . 3 steps back "/ I wouldn’t mind but I’m getting bored at home now lol even tho I don’t actually think I’d manage a whole shift atm anyway guess I just can’t please myself no matter what I do lol Thanks sorry for moaning , guess its the weather haha Lou :slight_smile:

Hi Lou

Glad you got your neuro appmt - that’s good news. I quite understand about you wanting to get back to work and it’s very sensible to have a ‘phased return’. Your boss is right - best if you have it from the doc on a Fit Note. Why not make an appointment with the doc to discuss it - or perhaps you could discuss on the 'phone with the doc… you can decide between you how many hours you could cope with and the doc will then complete the Fit Note accordingly. For example, doc could say no more than 4 hours a day for the next 2 weeks - then GP would see how you are getting on with that and give you more (or less) work time after that. It makes it clear to the employer that you are not well enough to work your previous hours at the moment, but gets you started on a return to work. I did a ‘phased return’ after time off when I was first ill - and it worked really well. Couldn’t believe how tired I was though!

Hope that helps,


Hi lou, Decisions, decisions…don’t they become so much more difficult?? Think if I had a lottery win, my mind would be pretty much made up!! I wouldn’t be bored at home, if I could only do things but everything is such a bloomin effort that I’m just trying to be good to myself. Catherine

Hi ladies

bit of an update

i had a call from the eye clinic this evening asking me to come in and see them 2moro morning for an urgent check up as they recieved an urgent referral from my gp

I went to see my optician few weeks back and she was concerned that i was coming to the end or had a mild case of ON again but this time with slight colour loss

I have to say tho that its not painful anymore (yay) and i hadnt even noticed to colour loss lol but it was enough for my optcian to be concerned

Now as i’m not dx yet im kinda hoping it will help sway my neuro results one way or the other cus i’m still at the ‘i need to know’ stage which also includes the ‘please tell me there’s at least something there cus i know i’m not imaging all this’

does that make any sense

guess im trying to say if it turns out i have MS then so be it lets just get on now and deal with what will be and if its not then why the flippin heck do i go thr this 2/3 times a year???

Lou "/ x