Back to work and the stress begins!!!

Hi, I went back to work last week part time, after being off sick for 4 months… supposed to take it easy but having to cram a full day into half a day is no good. Had my annual review with my manager…all OK until she ended the conversation with…‘The powers that be have said that those that don’t make the grade next year will be out’… stress levels now through the roof, I’m already struggling to catch up (I manage a team of 10 Data Managers)…and have to complete reading on 70+ new processes… and I’ve already told her I struggle to take things in now due to the lack of concentration and ‘fuzzy head’… I just hope I have a positive meeting with Occi health in a couple of weeks… So pi**ed off… :frowning: moan over, I just needed to off load to someone before I scream… Thanks for being there… :slight_smile: Sharon …

No no no no NO! Really sorry, but I can’t remember if you have a diagnosis yet. So… The Equality Act means that anyone with any disability (including neurological problems) is protected from stupid managers making random & vague threats like “pull your weight or you’re out”. Your boss needs a sharp lesson in what is appropriate behaviour! OH should be more understanding. Make sure you ask them for help to make your job more manageable; so you can be more productive. If you need external support, Access to Work may be able to help. Karen x

Karen is right. Check out the Equality and Human Rights Commission website for some useful guides on your rights as an employee. They also produce guides for employers - perhaps you could slip one into your boss’s briefcase ‘by accident’. :smiley:

Thanks karen & Mandy for the good advice. I don’y have a DX yet, (off to neuro on Monday) but have been Dx with Fibromyalgia and ME for 3 years. What pee’d me off is that I have been going to work feeling like crap for ages as I hate to let my team down. I’ll take a look at the equality website and print out all the info. I’ve been in touch with CAB for an appointment as I was totally gobsmacked by her comment and thought it best to get some independent advice. I am going to approach her about it once I have all the info together. I’m also seeing occi health on 26th. Thanks again for your input, this site really is a God send. Take care x

Hi Sharon, I’m glad I could be of some help. Regardless of the stage of your MS diagnosis, Fibromyaligia and ME class as disabilities under the legislation. They are long-term conditions that significantly and adversely affect your ability to carry out day-to-day activities. You do NOT need a diagnosis of MS to qualify for protections under disability legislation. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission also has a helpful phone-line where you can get advice free of charge, if CAB doesn’t give you everything you need. As someone who has struggled for 6 years with ME (now wondering if it was MS all along?) I really can sympathise, and wish you all the best.

Thanks again Mandy!! It really is a crap place to be isn’t it… I just thank God I can communicate with people on here who have been where I am at the minute. You guys keep me sane… :slight_smile: Enjoy your weekend x