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Hi im shelly,
Finding it very hard,to get my head round this ms.I was diagnosed with R.R.M.S.5 years ago, All Iwas worried about,was my job,As im a postie on delivery.But 9 months ago,I kept having falls in work,then was diagnosed with S.P.M.S Then i was told iwould no longer do my delivery, Devastated as my job is my life,think im in shock as ive always been independent always worked,never went sick, Now home wondering what the future holds for me.

Hi Shelly

Sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time. There is nothing I can say that will make things better. I just wanted to say that there are many here who do understand these feelings and would do pretty much anything to make things less crap for you. I hope you have a network of friends and family who can be there for you. You may not believe me but you will adapt to some extent to deal with your new normal.
Are there any other roles at work to keep you employed?
I hope that you can feel a bit better about stuff soon.
Good luck

Do you have a Union you can discuss your best options with?

Check out Greengiant’s posts on here. He is also a postie. He managed to get transferred on to desk work. I think his union was very helpful.

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That’s a mightily impressive memory you have there Ziola.

I think this is the thread from Greengiant.
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could you use a scooter as part of your job? do a different route?

Thanks for the update. It is a very big deal to try and cope with these big changes. I am so glad that your clients showed how much they value you and your work.
Hope your meds keep you on the straight and narrow. All the best

Hi mick,
OH rang yesturday,after doing his report,im now IHR from work,which i knew was coming,but cried most of the day,as its so final.Still find it hard,not going to work,as old habits die hard.just wanted to let you know my good news.

Hi Shelly thanks for sharing the good news. Another chapter going forward. I do understand the sadness caused by this change. I was (am) not very sociable so did not have much to do with colleagues outside of work, but once retired I missed the banter so started emailing and eventually meeting up occasionally. Hopefully now the pressure is off you will find some good benefits in your new status . All the best