What to do

Ever since I started work my job has helped define me. I’ve accepted over the past year that I’m never going to have the stellar career path I imagined and I try not to be jealous of the success of my peers. Lately my symptoms have worsened. I have used walking aids for some years and they have got used to that when I visit site. However recently my stamina has deserted me, I’ve started having falls even whilst using crutches and I can no longer manage a few steps even unaided. Add to this the brain fog and my limited working hours my ability to do my job is now in question. My boss has attempted to find a solution that will help me keep working. It would mean an even shorter week (and salary cut) and basically admin duties only. I don’t know what to do. I worked long and hard to get where I am, but I know I cannot cope with things as they are. The stress alone (two days back after holidays) is already hurting. Four days at home might drive me and my fiancé mad and I’m not sure if we will cope financially. Common sense says take the solution as it will help your health and you’ll still have a job… but everything else bursts into tears and hides in the toilet. Thanks for listening


My job also was a driving force in my life, and I had successfully juggled it and a family for many years.

I have been off work ill since February and am a long way from returning. Some days I wonder will they hold my job open this long? and other days I don’t care, I’m just pleased to be able to enjoy lunch with my family without wanting to really be laying down to ease the pain.

I am not diagnosed but all I can say to you is that whatever this illness is…it has changed my life.

I find enjoyment in the simplest things, and have finally listened to my husband this month…I use a scooter wherever possible so that I have energy for the important things like those I love.

European business woman to 0-4mph on a disability scooter :slight_smile:

p.s I went from a considerable salary to SSP … you wouldn’t believe the savings you can make xx

My first reaction is to ask if you have a company pension and if there is an ill health retirement option?

I was in a similar position nearly 15 years ago now. I took the retirement option. Damned hard to adjust in the beginning - I went from off the scale ambitious, workaholic, business woman to something that I had never valued: a full time wife and mother - but it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only did not working settle down my MS, I was able to do so many new things: going back to Uni, taking up new (and old) hobbies, spending more time with my kids, etc. It also made me realise how superficial my old life had been!

So, although the thought might be scary and even repulsive to you right now, and obviously you need to think about your finances, but not working may not be as bad as you think.

Karen x

Hi. Your story very much mirrors my own. I had a fabulous career which was my life. It came to an end for me about 18 months ago although not through choice I was made redundant. Due to the nature of my MS I have found it difficult to find work. If I were you I would work for we long as you can. It seems like you have a good employer, which can be a rarity. See your specialist or MS nurse who may be able to find a better drug combination to help you carry on working. Mine were changed recently and there have been some significant improvements. What drugs are you taking? You can email me directly if you want too: or go through the site. Sheron