Not sure what to do?

Hi all hope you are well The best way to put this is that Im starting to hate work! Ever since dx things have changed. Iv been taken out of my job role I was in, moved to a different office n get shipped back to the old one to cover people on holiday and dont do anything i was told I would be doing. Instead Im being sent out leaflet dropping! Im just so fed up and feel like there is no one at work I can talk to about it. My boss sits behind me and picks at things that I do and tells the office what Im doing wrong! I have gone from doing admin to being a spare part and a skivy! The job I have loved for 4 years has changed so much in the last few months and I dont know what to do! The thought of going in every day brings on my jelly legs and I cant do it anymore! Sorry to moan but Im just not happy xx

Oh hun, your boss is certainly out of order. You cant let this go on, as it is going to make you ill…if it hasnt already! Do you have a good OH dept you could speak to?

I know when my problems with poor mobility started, my line manager (and friend!) changed towards me,as I could no longer be the workhorse she was used to.

I went on the sick, as fatigue, falls and spams, oh and a very urgent bladder, got too much to cope with at work.

I never returned to work, as my condition progressed rapidly and I needed a wheelie part time soon after.

I hope something better happens soon.

luv Pollx

Hi Anon

You sound so down about this.

Your boss sounds horrible.

Do you work for a big company where there is a HR Dept or is it a small company where there is no such thing?

If the first is the case I think I would make an appt to see the HR Team and get things put straight that way. Also, Occ Health were good in my case.

Hope you find an answer somewhere.

Shazzie xx

I agree the first thing to do is get this out in the open. If there is an HR dept then raise it with them and perhaps you can sit with them and discuss it. If not, then can you get a union rep, Occ Health or other responsible person on your side to sit in while you tell your boss how this is making you feel.

The stress isn’t doing you any good and sometimes people can be belittling without even realising they are doing it. They feel awkward about someone else’s misfortune so it’s easier to make fun of it and pick at little things than it is to be supportive and adult about things. They just need to be told that it is bullying behaviour (obviously in a tactful manner otherwise it leads to even worse behaviour as they get defensive!) so that’s why you need someone else with you if you aren’t part of a big firm. If your boss has any shred of decency as soon as they realise how they have been making you feel, this will put a stop to it and they will ‘man up’ and offer practical solutions.

Let’s be honest, if you’ve always been a good worker they are stupid to let all that experience and loyalty go to waste now. Having MS doesn’t and shouldn’t immediately cast us on the scrap heap. You still have lots to offer and you need to make some really good notes about all the positive things you can do for the company so your boss realises all of this, probably claiming it all as his/her idea of course ha ha!!

Good luck, I hope things work out and you can go back to being happy at work. It isn’t the be all and end all but it does define quite a large chunk of life for many of us. I really enjoy my job and of course it brings money in :slight_smile:

Tracey xx

Thanks for the replies guys. I work for a small company and the bosses/management are all best mates so feel like there isnt anybody I can speak to as we dont gave a HR or unions etc. I got sent home this afternoon as I was struggling badly to do my typing (legs and hands not working so well) and was having a lovely MS hug!! I was told to get straight to the doctors and take pain killers which I thought was a sweet suggestion but this isnt something anti-biotics or pain killers will get rid of. I think all the stress has started a relapse as i have been feeling normal the last few months. Iv handed ms leaflets to bosses but non of them have read it! Its like they dont want to know. I feel like im stuck in a rut xx

Hi anon

Everything Elmo says is correct and I’d like to add to this. I’m a union steward at my place of employment and I’m going to add a few links for information and give you some advice.

First, I recommend taking a look through the ACAS site - - and even speaking to them. There’s a lot of really useful information and when it comes to employment matters they are exceptionally good.

The Work section on this site is also really good, as is the Disability Law Service - - and they’re both really useful sources of information.

Next, MS is classed as a disability under the Equality Act 2010 and is one of three conditions specifically mentioned: Equality Act 2010

This gives you additional rights and places a legal obligation on your employer to look at making reasonable adjustments to help you remain in work and manage your illness: Equality Act 2010

A reasonable adjustment could be something simple like a change in working patterns e.g. 8am-4pm rather than 9am-5pm, or making a change to your working environment e.g. a desk that raises or a desk closer to the toilet facilities, or a guaranteed parking spot closer to the building. You know what would be the best thing for you, and they should be discussed in conjunction with your employer, and there are are certain things they need to consider. But if they choose not to make a reasonable adjustment then they need to be able to justify it in writing.

On a daily basis, I strongly recommend that you keep a record of everything that’s said, how you feel about it, what the response is when you raise issues, and include time and dates. This might sound like a lot, but when it comes to dealing with problems and resolving them having a full record of who said what and when is invaluable. It’s not necessarily bullying, but sounds like ignorance and a lack of understanding on the part of your employers which can feel like bullying.

The important thing to remember is that you’re not alone and that there are many people and organisations who will support and help you through this, and work with you and your employer to help them understand the impact, their responsibilities and the benefits to everyone of making sure you remain in work. It might mean some phone calls and web searches, and it won’t be resolved overnight, but if you need help then just shout :o)