yesterday`s adventures (prepare for a long post)

Afternoon my fellow little icicles!

Well yesterday I went to a consultation (I use that word loosely) meeting about Fairer Charging Policy being implemented by our local council, for care.

About 40 service users turned up…some with their carees. Some very poorly folk with a variety of mental and physical disabilities.

Before that i been to the cinema and for lunch, with my 2 carers, in the new complex in town. I used an accessible loo…managed not to fall on the floor…but it was the ususal type, with loo in a corner, so it was tight to allow a carer at each side of me. But it was a successful mission!

Then we went to get a taxi to take us to the meeting. I`ve never used a taxi as hubby takes me wherever i need to go. But I didnt want to have him come out 3 times, to deliver and collect me.

What a shock we got! There was a line of about 6 taxis…all with a disabled sign on.

Well not one of them wanted to take me!!! i couldnt believe it! They looked at my wheelchair and shook their heads. I didnt understand why. They said my chair was too heavy........its just a regular sized wheelie! One of them radioed for a different taxi. He wasnt sure he could get me in either! he pulled a ramp out and i attempted to drive up…got stuck…gradient too steep…moved back, gave it some welly and up I went…had to duck…good job I had a furry hat on or I could`ve decapitated myself!! Anyway, i was in. But there was nothing to anchor me down!!! heavens above…what was i supposed to do?

I told the driver to go steady and not do any sudden braking. He got us to our destination okay…reversing wasnt as dodgy as going in.

Inside the venue, I asked where the accessible loo was. headed off towards it…looked inside and no, no, no! The wc was so low down and I knew I would never get on/off safely…so i didnt go. sat through the meeting, asked a few questions…got very unclear answers.

Became uncomfortable as I needed to wee…plus I had been seated for too many hours in one position…meeting ended…waste of time…many other people felt the same…hubby came to take us home and en route…I peed myself! Really uncomfortable now!

carer cleaned me up and got me into bed…fed up, sore, and ate a cornetto and half a big toblerone!

I know how to have fun, eh?

luv Pollx

Well played Poll,days out are always about learning stuff.Which half of the Toblerone did you have?

Wb xx…xx…peck each for the carers

Hi Poll,

I use taxis in my wheelchair quite a lot and it’s always a trauma. I hate the ones where you go in the side because the ramps are much steeper than the rear entry (sounds rude!) ones. I have to give it so much welly to get up the ramp that I shoot into the car like a bullet out of a gun. Know what you mean about ducking – so I go up the ramp like a rocket bent over double to avoid smacking my head. No dignity!

The taxi driver should clamp you in but there are always some that can’t be bothered. I’m getting quite ruthless at insisting because I don’t want to go flying and end up with a mega ton wheelchair on top of me. Just lately when I book they have been asking how big the chair is. I don’t really know how to answer that one because as electric chairs go it’s not that big but I don’t want a car to turn up and say they can’t fit me in so I usually so I usually say it’s a big one.

Happy travelling!


All goes to show just how far we have to go before things are truely disabled-friendly!

Hope fully recovered now Poll,

Pat x

Hi Poll

The problem with the loos are brought about by able bodied people

designing them, when they should really be asking the views of

disabled people.

Some disabled loos I have been in have the toilet paper behind you

(when you are sat down) so you can’t reach it, the washbasin is not

in reach, and the sanitary bin is in the corner by the toilet, so you can’t

reverse to transfer across, and yes the toilets are positioned in the wrong

place for carers to be able to assist. All very well these

people having loads of exams but they have no common sense.

Wish you luck with your project.

Pam x

Oh, I forgot to say the emergency pull cords are tied up, so if

someone is on the floor needing help, there is no way they could

reach it.

I best get off me soap box now!!!

Pam x

Cheers all…sounds like we still have a long way to go when it comes to the so-called disabled friendly taxis and loos.

Boudica will fight wherever she can.

luv Pollx