yasu!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not ms)

hiya all

for those that are aware of my situation and the changes in the past 2 years i just wanted to say yasu (dont know if thats spelled correctly!) i am leaving the country 2moro and heading to crete!

its taken a while get get used to using the buses and trains on my powerchair but all that planning, practise and preparation will be used tomorrow!

an excited and apprehensive ellie!

HAVE A GOOD TIME I Did it big coz I mean it big pack your sun glasses



hope the trip to crete goes smoothly for you Ellie,and you have a good time,well done on achieving it,you are an inspiration to us all one here,you really are…Bon voyage,looking forward to hearing all about it when you come back home…

J x

Have a good time - any break is good and I am sure that Crete will be lovely.

Bon Voyage

Jackie xx

thanks folks.

i have just spoken with my 6*star hotel!

all cooking, cleaning,laundry, life guard included!

beds are made up. fans in situ…

for those that dont know i am going to mums!

she has got an old manual wheelchair from the coup for me! dad has made it useable!

this is going to be an adventure for sure!

Haha, I thought this was going to be something about Alison Moyet!

Have a lovely time! I hope I don’t sound too patronising if I say I think you’re brave. I know what a pallaver I find it to go anywhere - sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking it’s so much easier just to stay home and do nothing. And I’m able-bodied(ish) - at least to look at. So I do admire you.



Have a lovey time I echo everything Tina said,good for you Ellie. Jan x