Scrambled eggs and aeroplanes

Hello good people.

In healthier times, I took a flight to Sydney. Due to the direction and the time zones, I received a lot of scrambled eggs. I never thought I’d experience the delights of such a lofty breakfast again. Yet I did just that last Friday. I took my wheelchair to Gatwick and boarded a 737. I transferred and ended up in Cyprus. My first go; here it is:

I’m hoping those who may be in two minds may gain some insight and knowledge from a not too bad experience.


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I enjoyed reading your adventures Steve . I really admire you .Lee took me to York this weekend for a belated anniversary break . I’m exhausted, soo tired it was good but too busy, I had a bit of a panic on Saturday while crossing a busy road with Frazer I collided with a car that had stopped on a green man crossing, I was trying to get past and up onto the tactile pavement , the kerb was too high to get up anywhere else . The man was very angry although it was his fault and I don’t think his car would have been damaged , it was just the armrest that banged the back of it, but his response from the window was terrifying so we didn’t hang about I’ve never moved so fast in my life we went around the corner and into the nearest restaurant where me and Frazer hid for half an hour in the toilets. I feel bad but I’m terrified of aggression I think I’ll go to Cyprus next time. I’m glad you had a good time. Michelle and Frazer 1

Great stuff Steve. I’ve been looking forward to reading this. :slight_smile: Curious to know what you were doing in Istanbul. Could you not have gone direct to larnica, or have I got confused somewhere along the way? x

Hello Poppy. The only way to fly to North Cyprus is via Istanbul to Ercan. It’s my first time but I might explore other ways in the future. Steve

Why bother flying to the North? just transfer from Larnaca or Paphos to Nicosia and cross the border there, you get a 90 day visa, and get a taxi or bus, depending on mobility at the time, and final destination…the less time in airports and on planes the better!

I was being considerate to my friends picking me up. They had to work all day and I had all day to travel. I don’t have a problem with airports or aeroplanes, especially as I am planning more trips further afield. It’s a small price for a new life.

Best wishes.


Hi Steve

Wow that’s what you call an adventure, I admire you, and hope you have a lovely well deserved break away.

Safe journey home, and I will look forward to reading about your travels.

Pam x