Writing poems to cope with MS

So I’m now stuck on the sofa as my back is shooting pains down my legs. Eases for a while and then starts again. I tried walking it off but could hardly move. So I’m writing to try and forget. Does anyone else get this? Felt like my back was going to give way. I had it in my arms but that seems to have stopped now. Anyway I’ve started a Facebook page to let people see my poems . It’s called ‘Jumping Jules Poetry’ (Redirecting...) Have a look if you’re interested and feel free to leave comments. You’ll maybe remember ‘I’m Fine’ and ‘Christmas Junk’ and there’s more. Most are about having MS but others as well. I intend to put more on, so keep looking.

I wonder what other people do to distance themselves from MS? It’s a hard thing I know but think I’ve finally found something…

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love your poems but only read two.

i’m going to follow you on facebook now.

your back trouble sounds like sciatica, hope you get relief soon.

wishing you all the best for the new year.

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2 days later and I’m back to how I was…back pain gone. Thanks for your message and sorry it took me this long to reply. Really chuffed you like my poems!! Happy New Year!!