Jumpingjulespoetry At Peace poem. Writing helps my MS

Hi! I’d like to share another poem with you. It’s called ‘At Peace’ and is about quiet times when I distract myself from MS and write. It really helps. If you like my poem you can read more on my website ‘jumpingjulespoetry.com’ and my facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. All named ‘jumpingjulespoetry’. My poems are sometimes based around my experience of MS but not always. Hope you like it!

At Peace

In my quiet world

I sit here alone

The air I breathe

Is my best friend known

My silence is warm

My thoughts my own

My feelings are comforted

By this hidden zone

The rush outside

Is now not for me

This hidden treasure

Is all I shall see

The perfect hideaway

To bring me calm

Alone and at peace

Is my favourite balm

Copyright ©**&**℗ 2019 Jumping Jules Poetry

Copyright ©**&** 2019 Julie Stevens

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That’s lovely. Your poetry is beautiful snowman (or should we be calling you Jules?)

Thank you for sharing it with us.


Thank you Ssssue! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes snowman melted!! I am now Jules. Trying to change my username but having no luck!

hiya jules

have u contacted oliver as he said in your orginal thread about changing your usernname?


Yes Ellie he did. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks Jumping Jules!!!