poem about ms by julie

Ms is scary and makes me mad,it gives me mood swings and makes me feel sad.Sometimes i am screaming with anger or pain,and sometimes my moods are different again…Sometimes my legs are are wobbly or weak and tremors in my hands make it hard to eat.Ms i hate you you cause me such greef, i want to feel normal, i want some relief.My eyes will not work, my muscles cause me pain i get headaches over and over again.Ms is different in everyone i hear, i just wish my symptoms would go or disappear . Ms is cruel and messes with my life,i have two little children and a loving wife xxxxxxx julie

“I want to feel normal, I want some relief” is a refrain heard fairly regularly in this house, although less often as time has gone on. Meds are brilliant these days, but they just don’t cut it all the time and not at all for some things. Maybe one day… Karen x

Wonderful poem Julie. Really hits the nail on the head.

Pat x

Thanks hopefully he will get some relief when he gets meds,We wrote it together it just sums it all upxx julie

Hi pat and karen husband has just got up out chair and gone to walk into kitchen his legs stopped working and he fell down to his knees he said it happerned earlier today.Things are starting to get scary now roll on july for neurologist appointment so thats arms and hands wont work together ,and now this along with everything elsexx julie