Happy New Year to you all!! My present to you. Hope it makes you smile!!

My Present to You

Today’s the day

I wake up a new me

New thoughts, new ambitions

New strengths, new goals.

Today’s the day

They’ve given me a new year

A present that beats all others

A chance to begin again.

Today’s the day

I step out of bed

With a spring in my step

My new year starts right now

Today’s the day

I share with you

My present I’ve wrapped up tight

With a ‘Happy New Year’ inside

All eager and waiting

I do hope you’ll think it’s alright.

Copyright ©**&**℗ 2018 Jumping Jules Poetry

Copyright ©**&** 2018 Julie Stevens

Hope you all have a great new year!!!

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Oh, thanks Snowman.

Very positive to give us all hope.

I write a diary, so a new year means one section down in my 5 year diary. Second year this year. Love reading what I did in previous years and always wonder what I’ll write to fill the pages.



Thanks Jen. Sounds like your diary is a great idea. I too keep a diary, just an empty notebook, I jot down ideas I’d like to remember good or bad, not necessarily every day. It is good to look back. Hope this year is good for you and keep writing! It’s very relaxing I find. Julie

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