Writing a Will

Updated my will yesterday for the first time since MS diagnosis. A very useful chat with the solicitor who is a Wills & Probate specialist

A couple of things to draw attention to:

  1. I’m leaving my brain, spinal cord, CSF and other tissue samples to the MS Society Tissue bank. Well worth all of us doing this if it helps further research into the disease.

  2. I’m 59 and had PPMS for around 10 years (diagnosed 2021). In contemplating my expectancy, did you know that if you die before age 75, any money left in your pension pot stays OUTSIDE the value of your estate for IHT purposes. I’m fortunate to have savings & investments as well as a modest pension pot (never liked the idea of putting all my eggs in one basket), so it means that rather than draw my pension, first priority will be to tap into savings.

No idea if these things have any relevance for you and your circumstances, but this is the place for sharing :smiley: