Working until retirement age

Do you think it’s realistic that if your diagnosed in your 30s that you could make it through with a fulltime job until retirement age? I know everything can vary for everyone but would you right it off or remain optimistic about it? I know it would also depend on the type of work but I’m talking about sitting down office work, nothing too extreme.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but if I’m honest, I don’t think the odds are very good - especially with retirement age going up and up. I’m thinking that, for you, it will be 68 at least, and that is likely to go back still further before you get there, meaning it could be 70+. No, I don’t think many people will be working past 70 with MS. You might be the exception, so I don’t think it’s a case of “writing it off”, but I think a realistic approach would be that you may well have to retire earlier than planned.

If you don’t mind me saying, there’s little point worrying in your 30s what you’ll still be able to do in your 60s. With MS, you have to take each day as it comes. Next week is not predictable, let alone three decades away.


Hi I have had MS for about 30 years and have been working part time which as a single woman was topped up with tax credits as I claim the mobility DLA . I have been in remission for all these years with the same level of symptoms. Unfortunately recently I have lost my hearing in my left ear and have had numbness in my legs lately so think it’s on the move again . My point is we can’t predict our future so live for the day . I’ve been made redundant now and living on JSA I if they hound me too much I will have to change to sickness benefit as I have no pension. I am very limited in the type of work I can do and can’t really earn enough to keep myself it’s very difficult I’m 56 now. Sorry don’t mean to moan . There is no real provision for for someone like us we are unlikely to be working until 68

How long is a piece of string?

There may be hundreds of people with a very mild version of MS working/living with little regard to their dx whist others have to make changes to fit their current circumstances.

My advice is to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Vague? Yes it is; but that’s the way this cookie crumbles. Tina is right about the ever raising retirement age but what the heck are you doing thinking about retirement at 30???