PPMS and Work

Hi,I was hoping to get some advice about continuing with work and MS,maybe people have their own experience they can share here.

My situation is I work full time 38 hrs from an electric w/chair,I have PPMS and walking and tired are main issues,what happens if I thought I could no longer manage to work through my MS. What is the proceedure ith benefits,I curently get higher rate mobility DLA,no care as did not originally apply for care but MS has got worse.Are they any other benefits available

I have read that people who re apply may loose what benefit they cuently get,how often does this happen.

I was going speak to either welfare rights or my o.t.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated


I will answer your benefits questions with very broad strokes because I don’t have all your info.

If you are too sick to work you would get 26 weeks of Statutory Sick Pay but your contract of employment may give you better than this (EG made up to full pay for a time and ½ pay for a time) You do not have to apply for SSP – you hand in sick notes to your employer and they claim it. This is the period where you decide if returning to work is viable. Your employer should meet with you to decide if they could make “reasonable adjustments” to allow you to continue. If you feel that this is really the end of your working life you can apply to claim your work pension early (if you have one)

You would also apply for Employment Support Allowance.

This is a very complex benefit but basically you are asked a series of questions about your ability to do certain things. Each activity scores points. You need 15 points to be eligible. There are two groups within ESA. The Support Group for people who it is accepted will never work again and the Work Related Activity Group who will supposedly be able to enter the world of work with support (ha!)

If you are in the WRAG you would get benefit for 12 months after which time it would only be paid if you had no other resources. Generally if you have a working partner the benefit would stop after 12 months. If you are in the support group there is not a 12 month cut off point.

There is much controversy about ESA and the awarding of points and groups. If you decide to follow this route you must get help. Benefits and Work is a great website for help with this and DLA

It’s true that if you ask for your DLA to be looked at again with a view to getting the care component you put your mobility component at risk because they will look at the whole claim again not just part of it. However you said that you used an electric wheelchair – I don’t think you will be taking too big a risk.