PPMS and employment

Hi,I hope to get some advice of what people have done re employment and MS.My situation is that I work full time in retail with the aid of an electric wheel chair to get around on,I find this is getting more difficult with being sat in it all day ,legs very weak not able to walk and get numb sat in chair all day.

At what point do people do people decide they can no longer work anymore,what are the options you found,I currently have just got HRM .

Any advice is greatly appreciated



Hi David. I don`t know what HRM is. Can you tell me please?

I was retired from work, on ill health grounds back in 2000.

I went on the sick in Dec 1999. I just couldnt cope anymore. Fatigue, dodgy legs ie falls, spasms, poor sleep all took their toll on me. After 8 months on the sick, as things didnt improve, I was pensioned off.

I don`t think this is something you can decide to do yourself. Your GP would sign sicknotes which may eventually lead to early retirement.

Hope this helps.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,the HRM is the higher rate mobility,which I use to get an automatic car from Motability,at least until I get re done for PIP.