Wrist, arm support-yes or no?

Morning, was just wondering if anyone thought wearing a wrist support is a good idea?

My arm can be pretty useless at times, so a friend suggested i wear a sport support (with the bar in) I tried this, and thought mmm, it does feel better, as my wrist wasn’t flopping around, and maybe wearing it was telling my brain something was there, and I didn’t use it as much, therefore saving lots of crockery etc, (as when I grab something without thinking about it first, I drop it)

Any thoughts on this. Thank you x

hi shellie

if it works for you stick with it.

you could ask your physio but if she said no dont use it, would you stop?

its grand when you find something that helps

carole x

Hi Shellie,

As Carole suggests, I’d check with the physio. My main concern would be if the way it helps is to remind you NOT to use the wrist, rather than encouraging use of it, you might actually lose more wrist function over time.