Would this work?

Hi all A bit drastic but if you had your legs amputated would you be able to walk better? Obviously I realise you’d have to learn how to walk again but would it work? People’s thoughts. … anyone. …?


i would guess no cos its the brain thats the prob-not ur legs-they are fine but the messages arent getting through to them. thats my understanding anyway! a friend of mine has had both hegs off-about 2 years apart. it affects balance etc depending how much is taken off.

interesting question/thought tho!


LOL amputated = Cut and sawn off? Unless you go with BUPA then your get it done with a super duper laser but your

left with what a stump just below your hips. maybe you used a wrong word AMUPTATED swap with ‘transplanted legs’

Good luck with anything after that no chance with walking need legs to walk.

I have thought about this (not doing it) and came to believe that it would make no difference as it is the messages from the brain that are important, not the physical ability. I find it the most frustrating thing - there’ s nothing actually wrong with my legs or arms and hand.

When you see how the science in prosthetic limbs has advanced - and some amputees can actually run faster with their new ‘blades’, l can see how in some situations it would be better for some to have a severely deformed limb amputated. l am thinking of polio victims. A friend of mine, now 70, had polio as a small child. She has one normal sized leg - and one ‘little leg and foot’. She has struggled to keep mobile all her life - with a very ugly built up boot on her effected foot and a splints on her leg. This has caused problems with her spine. This subject of having the damaged limb amputated, and a new bionic leg has been a point of discussion recently, after the last paralympics. And she did say that if she was younger she would have not hesitated to have gone down that line. To wear normal clothes and shoes. And not have to undergo so many ops over the years to try to straighten out her deformed foot. She swims regularly - and is a keen canoeist. So l could just see her - if she was 50yrs younger taking part in the ‘Games’.

With MS - we would not benefit - as it is not our legs that are the problem - just the ‘messages’ not getting through.

Ok soooooo I thought MS effects brain and nervous system in neck and spine. So if they had bionic legs I would like to have
lindsay wagners legs Anyway the sensors to tell the bionic legs would still be buggered with the lesions in brain or neck or spine.

I thought everyones legs are fine it’s the nerves that either wont work a muscle or keep a muscle on like spasticity.

I think that is the worst thing spasticity as they have no real effective solution for it.

They should make a anaesthetic syringe pen like a type 1 diabetic has so you can inject a muscle and allow it to go soft.

LOL @ [filtered word] it was B uggered

I think even state of the art bionic legs would be rubbish when the driving mechanism has MS. There nothing wrong with my legs – it’s all in the head!


Hi, I also believe new legs still wouldn`t work, as yes, it is the messages from the brain and spine which make them work.

I have also said it would be a useful thing to have my legs chopped off…ony in a joke, nut sometimes just a half joke. I doubt new legs would work for me either, as we think my lower half is affected by mutant genes, as is defefintely the case in hereditary spastic paraparesis.

The reasons I reckon Ive said doing such a dramatic thing, is because I have large feet, size 7/8 (I would never have got a fella in China, as they dont like women with big feet there..........Shown in one of the greatest films, Inn of the 6th Happiness`, I digress…my toes get banged often, have caused ingrowing and very painful toenails, also my legs are heavy and useless!

Of course I know talking like this must be quite offensive to people who have lost their legs and suffer from horrendously painful stumps. I imagine it takes a lot of guts and perseverance to learn to walk on false legs.

So I apologise for my remarks and hope no-one is offended.

luv POllx

Slightly off-topic, but related, but I believe the opening of the Brazil World Cup is going to be by a paraplegic person kicking the ball into the net - or at least, that is the objective, if all goes well. A horrible embarrassment if it doesn’t…

The idea is that he (I’m guessing it will be a he, though I don’t know if that’s confirmed) will wear sort of bionic trousers (I can’t help but think of Wallace and Gromit), that will enable him to kick the ball. The bionics will get their instructions from electrodes attached to his scalp, so it will actually be his brain that triggers the kick, even though his natural legs can’t receive signals.

Apparently better and more consistent results can be obtained by surgically implanting electrodes, rather than using the stick-on-type, but I think for practical and ethical reasons they’ve decided the less effective but non-invasive method is the one they’re going to demonstrate at the World Cup.

Obviously the person will have been practicing until they’re pretty confident he can do it - they’re not just going to pick some random paraplegic person, and expect him to do it first go - we’re a long way from that yet.


Short vid about the background, for anyone who’s interested in the World Cup demo I just mentioned:


Keep your legs,they are part of you. Who knows what the future may hold and if a way of dealing with transmission of messages is found you will have your legs running again.