Gadget Man - AlterG Bionic Legs

Saw these on the show Gadget Man, has anyone tried them? Have they been able to help you walk?


i didnt see the prog so dont understand what u r talking about except i thought initiially the prob was ur legs are fine but the messages arent getting thru? after a while i guess the legs are weaken through not being used and it becomes adownward circle… so if u had new/bionic legs they still wouldnt work cos ur brain doesnt tell them to move. … i am willing to be told i am wrong!


The product would be useless for complete leg paralysis, however I can move my legs but the movement is very weak and not enough to walk safely, which is why I am wheelchair bound.

The bionic legs work by recognising movement in the legs and predicting what they are doing and augmenting the movement with the motors within them. MS is one of the conditions they are designed to help with, I would like to see if anyone has tried them, if they helped and what issues they had with their legs when they tried them (to see if it were similar to mine, which it sounds as if the product aimed at this type of disability).

The program is on 4OD if you want to watch it:Gadget Man Series 3, Episode 3 towards the end, the feature is brief which is why I want to find out more.


thanks for that explaination! yes-sounds very good/interesting. hope somebody has some info for you…


hi red,

sorry, i haven’t tried them, but i agree that they look interesting as a possible solution for at least some of us. i’m just posting to push your post up to the top, in the hope that someone has tried them.

fingers crossed.

wendy x