Would love some advice

I am 24, my husband is 31, he was diagnosed just after our son was born, who is now coming up to 2. He has progressive relapse, he has stopped working. I stopped working because he was working. He is on tysabri, he has reduced mobility, but he can still get around. That was the info out of the way. Now, to admit my massive faults. As previously mentioned, i am 24, we got married 2 years ago. We are best friends, i mean if any two were soul mates, its us. I struggle massively, i am a worrier, i want my own life but i don’t want to leave him sometimes. I get so angry, i feel really unproductive when i let him know my frustrations. Any advice on coping techniques? I don’t want to leave him, but we sometimes get to the point where were just shouting at each other because i am angry about the changes to our lives and he is too. I feel like it is going that way. I look at myself sometimes and think that at 24, i just don’t possess the right tools for this hugely adult situation.

Thank you so much. Read this and i instantly feel better. I worry sometimes i am surrounded by superheros and i am a regular joe. He doesn’t have actual support in his diagnosis. Its silly really, we live really close to an ms ventre. Its a bit of a taboo to us. Although after my break down the night i posted this, we agreed we would go thoigh.