Would it be wise to go back to GP?


I’ve not been on here for a while, and just want some quick opinions…

I was diagnosed with CIS approx 3 years ago after finding lesions in C-spine on MRI (brain was clear) following numbness in both feet and around ‘saddle’ area. Those symptoms resolved eventually and I’ve had no other symptoms since.

The thing is, for the past week I have had a really odd sensation in my right leg. It feels really warm, not burning, just warm although it is not hot to touch. It feels a bit like when you come inside from the freezing cold and your body is warming up again. It’s not unpleasant or painful, but I just wonder if I should pop back to the GP to see what he thinks, or as it isn’t bothering me should I just leave it unless it becomes worse?

Just looking for peoples’ opinions.



Mmmm. Well I think if it isnt bothering you or causing discomfort, I would leave it. If it does begin to cause a problem, go back to gp then.

luv Pollx

I think I would probably just let the GP know what’s going on so it’s “on the record”.

If it spreads or gets worse, or if you get other symptoms too, then it’s probably time to see the neuro again.

I hope it’s just a “blip”.

Karen x