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Hello. I’m new here. I had a CIS the year before list. The neuro at the time thought I needed to see a psychologist and because I had another neuro issue kicked off after the CIS started, the “importance” of the CIS was sort of brushed under the carpet as most of the symptoms generally improved after a week. However, for a little while I’ve had symptoms like fatigue, odd back pain, cog fog and not being able to walk on my heels or walk toe to heel but the symptoms haven’t completely gone away. Some of the symptoms have gotten a bit better, the fatigue hasn’t really. Of course I realise there could many other causes as to what’s going on and I’m funding some blood tests to check vitamin levels etc too.

Due to lots of other things happening at the moment, I won’t even be able to see my GP about this until next month at the earliest so I’m even sure why I’m writing this. I guess I just wanted to reach out to other people in limbo land and say hi.

So for now, I guess I should just say hello and wish all of you well.

Hi im new on here too and like you feel in limboland. My CIS was diagnosed 3 years 7 months ago now and apart from fatigue, the odd eye twitching, cramp in my calves at night, night sweats, UTI’s and Gastro Reflux i have not had any other attack. My neuro gave me a 50% chance of developing MS in 5 years that followed (2010-2015) and said after the 5 years the percentage would “probably” drop. So as you can imagine iv been waiting and expecting something to happen within these 5 years but nothing severe has. I go through phases of forgetting about the whole thing then it all comes back to me. Im at the stage of it all coming back to me as we are thinking about having another child. But im like do i just go ahead and get pregnant now or wait until iv reached the 5 years so i know my percentage has dropped. I know it sounds stupid but suppose thats what bingin limboland does to you…

Hi anon. Welcome to the forum.

Why cant you get to see your GP until next month? Sounds odd. Never heard of a GP being totally booked up for a month. Isnt there another doc at the same practice? Sorry if I sound to be badgering you on this point…but summat`s not right here hun!

The only way to get your problems investigated is to see GP who may refer you to a consultant.

luv Pollx

Sorry to hear that Julie1. I had forgotten about the symptoms completely. This year they aren’t giving me a choice in remembering. I don’t want to get hyperaware. I hope you can have another baby!

Thank you also for the welcome Poll. The reason I can’t get to see a GP is not to do with the timing of appointments.