Warm feeling down back

I am diagnosed Cis and doing fine, the last 2 or 3 week though i have been getting what can only be described as a really warm (not painful) sensation down the top of my back, its not very obvious until i sit down and lean my back against the sofa or chair. Anyone else get this or is it likely something else ?

Sounds odd Sue. I’ve not experienced it.

I suggest you start keeping a diary (if you haven’t already). Write down as best you can when it began, what it feels like, whether it hurts, how long it lasts, what brings it on.

You’ll then be able to see how it changes, or if it goes away, how long you are plagued with it.

If it continues, see your MS nurse (assuming you have one), your GP or try to get an appointment with your neurologist.


It is really odd i agree and its not affecting my life at all i just wondered if it could be a blip, could also be my time of life lol