Hello, am new to this forum and have been reading articles on the site after developing different symptoms. A few months ago I went to my Gp with balance and coordination problems which go back a couple of years and worsened after a severe bout of migraine auras. Suffering with migraines for most of my life (am 49 now) I put my balance problems down to migraine after effects. GP said I had benign vertigo, performed the Epleymanoeuvre and told me to return after a couple of weeks. During which my left thigh and back of left hand became numb, I started to notice tingling and buzzing sensations on my hands, feet and torso. Extremely fatigued, coordination problems, thighs feel thick and heavy, more visual disturbance but my GP doesn’t feel neurogical and referred me to a balance clinic (have an appt late September). Yesterday had awful problems with vision being blurred and still not right today, am worried and wondered if I should go back to GP before my hospital appt. I wondered if anyone could advise on what’s happening or if anyone knows how I am feeling? Is it normal to be referred to a balance physiotherapist and can they help? Thank you

Of course I can not say whether your symptoms are MS, however, when I finally wrote all of my symptoms down and presented them to my GP + I failed a memory test, I was finally sent for an MRI. Given all of your symptoms, especially buzzing in hands and feet, why not simply ask/demand to be referred for an MRI? Good luck

I sort of agree with Patience but disagree slightly with her recommendation.

To me it does sound as though it’s possible that your symptoms may be neurological. Equally, your GP may be right.

But being referred to a neurologist would be a forward step in your situation. Having your GP refer you for an MRI is unlikely to happen and in addition, your GP cannot either read the results of a scan nor diagnose or rule out a neurological basis for your symptoms.

The other point is that demanding something of your doctor isn’t always a good way of going about getting what you want.

As Patience said, write down all of your symptoms. You could see an optician to have a look at your eyes. If there’s a neurological problem (such as optic neuritis), the optician may be able to see it and can write something to that effect to give to your GP.

Then I would return to the GP, explain how you feel there may be a neurological basis to your problems and ask for a referral to a neurologist. The neurologist could then do a physical exam, take a history from you, and would then refer you for investigatory tests, including an MRI.


I would second what Patience said. It was my GP that referred me for an MRI, long before a neuro was even mentioned. So if your concerned just ask your GP about an MRI. They would be hard pushed to refuse you. Whilst a GP can’t diagnose off the back of an MRI scan, a report is sent to the GP staying whether it’s normal or not. GP’s absolutely have the power to refer you for an MRI so you’ve got nothing to lose in asking. A great starting point I think.

Thank you very much for your replies and advice. I have written down my symptoms and will monitor them for now, returning to my GP if they progress or any new symptoms develop. Decided to watch and wait until my appointment at the balance clinic unless things worsen as I don’t want to appear a nuisance to GP if I can help it. It just seemed a long time to wait when you’re worried about what it might be and I was panicking a little.