I’ve been a member on here for a little while now. I am still not diagnosed with anything except chronic migraine 10 years ago when I had an MRI.

I’ve had all sorts of weird symptoms for a number of years that I put down to the migraine but over the last year have developed new things - a buzzing/tingling/strong gooseflesh feeling in my shin, reduced sensation in my shin and sometimes arm and general pins and needles like sensations in various parts of my body very briefly. I also in the last few month developed a mild tingling in my mid back esp when I am leaning forward with my head down but not every time.

I also have tremors in my hands and arms at various times often waking up with them.

I have been tested for thyroid, b12 deficiency, diabetes, general panel, magnesium deficiency, vit D deficiency etc and all came back ok.

The doctor has now referred me to a physiotherapist, I would have prefered a neurologist but they say I have no signs of weakness?

I just wondered if anyone knows what a physiotherapist will do and if they could detect/diagnose MS if it was that or could they order an MRI?.

The doctors seem to think I have ‘trapped nerves’ or ‘anxiety’ but I am not convinced and I am worried.

Thank you :slight_smile:

i suggest you go ahead and see the physio.

if your gp says that you have no sign of weakness, why has s/he referred you to a physio?

anyway if the referral has been made, then go.

the physio will look closely at things like posture and gait.

you will be given exercises to practice at home.

like any other health professional s/he is able to refer you to other departments so if s/he thinks ms is a possibility, then you may get that referral to neurology.

it’s very likely that it’s not ms. (lucky you!).

i understand the need to know though.

tell the physio about the strange sensations in your shin and the hand tremors.

good luck and stay calm.

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Hi, I agree with Carole. A GP will order a range of tests which may not seem relevant, but they eliminate the most likely conditions. So go to the physiotherapy appointments and if they don’t feel that it’s appropriate then you will get to see more specialists until your GP hits upon the right one. This part of the process is called Limbo. You seem to think that it’s likely you have MS but don’t let that affect your attitude. The probability that you do is vey low. Best wishes, Anthony

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Thank you for the replies, obviously I don’t want to have MS but the sensations that I get are just so weird and persistent that it seems unlikely that I would have a trapped nerve for this long, but I am no expert at all. I’ll see what the Physio suggests but try to stay positive.

I’m sat here now with a buzzing left foot that feels like I have sat on it and its gone to sleep and a left forearm that feels like I have a sweatband on…if this is just anxiety it’s pretty convincing! I hope I am not just going mad.


You’re not going barmy. You’ve been experiencing symptoms for quite a while now and that isn’t due to you going nuts.

I personally don’t understand what your GP is so reluctant to refer you to a neurologist, but ultimately I agree with Carole and Anthony; see the physio and find out what they think. If it’s not something s/he can help with, at least you’ll have ammunition to support your request to see a neurologist. At best, the physio will be able to help or refer you independently of your GP. At worst, the physiotherapist won’t be able to help and will refer you back to your GP, who will I assume then have to refer you to a neurologist.

Best of luck


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Definitely go see the physio! I’ve found that GPs are so overworked and have so little time for you. Whenever I’ve seen a healthcare professional (such as osteopath, audiologist, physio) they’ve always been surprised that my GPs’ had never done any tests regarding my symptoms. The reason I’ve got an appointment waiting for the neurologist now is because I went to a physiotherapist (for neck pain) and they asked lots of questions like “do you get pins ‘n’ needles?” etc and then they did a neuro exam which showed impaired coordination, and then they wrote a letter to the GP saying I needed a neuro referral. Was only a routine appointment at first though so the doctor obvs didn’t take it that seriously but, then I developed quite obvious ataxia and dysarthria symptoms THEN they decided to actually take it seriously, lol.

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I hope you got a new doctor, I was lucky any time I needed to see a specialist I was put forward and sometimes very quickly.


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I read your post and thought what the (removed by moderator)…how does your GP decide to send you to a Physiotherapist? The physio is one of the most overworked members of the NHS. To get to see one when you have issues that need one is like months waiting list. Then with my stupid brain I thought perhaps i had read it wrong and you meant the GP had referred you to a Psychotherapist, which would make so much more sense if they are dealing with someone they think is suffering anxiety. I agree with the others just go to the appointment and explain, i am not sure what they can do for you, except perhaps check your reflexes etc, which the GP could have done easily enough. Its a mystery to me, a new one, never heard of anyone seeing a Physiotherapist for possible onset MS. At least you are seeing someone else, but i agree with you i think with your symptoms it would have been more sensible to send you to neurologist. good luck hun.

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I don’t think any of the doctors suspect MS, they think trapped nerves or something similar, it is me that looks up on Dr Google and wonders about MS.

Hi Dizzydee, I’m in the same boat as you with GP making decisions outside of the NICE guidelines. I got the bloods work up a few weeks back and the GP decided to “wait to see” for 4 weeks.” Last week I had to go back in because I’ve had the pains in my foot so long now that I decided to ask for small dose of amitriptyline. That was 3 weeks after bloods. This GP has now decided to wait and see how if the meds work! I have a physio advisor via work who is rather concerned because I am displaying symptoms that require a proactive approach. She is referring me to another physio that can test my reflexes and look at my posture in more detail so it can support whatever decision is next. Even though physio will have limited benefit in relation to diagnosis it will be helpful for ruling things out and also getting exercises in that will be helpful regardless of what is going on.

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Hi Daisychain

The GP also advised me to take Amitriptyline but I haven’t so far because I tried it in the past for migraine and found the drowsy side effect a bit too much (I am already a busy mum of 4 and get fatigue anyway)

I spoke to the physio on the phone and they asked me various questions, mainly to do with if I had pain and what the problem was…They have booked me to be seen on the 26th July and when they referral letter came through today it said that further tests were not considered necessary at this stage (MRI being one) Hopefully even so…once I get to the appointment if they think other things are necessary then they will advise me.

Most of my symptoms are on my left side but I do get random tingling in any area. (mainly hands and feet)

I wish you luck with your appointment :slight_smile:

I’m rather sleepy on the amitriptyline myself! The last 2 nights I’ve taken it at approx 6.30 though to see if it makes a difference. I noticed a difference today at work with a lot less sleepiness so hopefully it will work out. I’ll let you know in a few days! Juggling that sleepiness and children would be hard work. Hope the appointment goes well.

So I saw the physiotherapist and she was very friendly and listened to me very thoroughly. She examined my back and left leg and foot and did some reflex and basic strength tests which she said all seemed fine. She couldn’t find anything wrong with me that she could fix as a physiotherapist however she said with my strange symptoms that she would write to my GP and suggest a referral for neurology. She said they may be able to do a nerve conduction study to see if any of my nerves are faulty. I have to see my GP soon to make sure that they do refer me. I feel happy that I might get to see a neurologist after wanting to for so long but I feel like a fraud with nobody finding anything physically wrong with me. Meanwhile I have spent the morning with a semi numb left lower leg that tingles like I have been sitting on it. Still not sure if anxiety could be the cause but I did vent this confusion to the physiotherapist and she said that usually with anxiety the symptoms would be worse at anxious times of the day so for example when stressed at work or for whatever other reason however a lot of the time I feel my symptoms at home and/or at rest. The quest for answers continues …