Worried - please advise


I am a 22 year old female and since around September 2017 I have been experiencing sensory symptoms. First it felt like a neck strain on my right side into my right shoulder and arm. It just felt like my right arm felt off although I had completely strength and function. The doctor sent me for a scan of my neck and found I had mild cervical spondylosis. The feeling continued and suddenly one day I felt my right leg felt off too. It was function but just felt off and I also had burning sensation, tingling and twitches on this side. I was sent to a neurologist who did an MRI who did a neurological assessment and didn’t think it was anything sinister but sent me for an MRI and a nerve conduction test and both came back clear. Then a couple months later I felt the front of my right shin was partially numb. This resolved itself after a few weeks/months. Since then I have had some better days and some worse but constant off feeling on right arm and leg as well as electric sensations on random parts of my body. I feel my right side gets tired and feels weak but everything is functioning. I’m worried about MS but also just don’t want to go to the doctors as I just don’t want to deal with this - I rather not know but at the same time, I’m concerned and what to know what is going on.

What does it sound like is going on with me? My MRI was clear so I don’t know what to think.

Hello Worried

As you’ve had a clear MRI, clear nerve conduction and a neurological examination which all appear to be normal, stop worrying about MS. You don’t have it.

That doesn’t mean you should stop finding out what’s going wrong with your body. There are many other diagnoses that share symptoms with MS. So see your GP, don’t worry about them finding something or finding nothing. They won’t worry about you in the same way you do.


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At 22 you should not be worried about having something like MS, your life should be full of things to do so you dont have time to think about diseases.

Is anything going on in your life right now, stress, university, relationships, jobs etc?

sometimes it is easier to have an idea of WHO YOU ARE, which makes a difference. Cervical spondylosis can cause odd things like numb hand pins and needles and odd stuff.

Your neuro took you seriously, so for now I would either go back to GP and tell them you are still having issues, they can do a ton of blood tests as you may be low in b12, or vit d, and other things can show up.

did anything happen prior to these symptoms starting, sometimes you have to be a detective.

MS just doesnt present this way without some evidence. google well you put some symptoms will come up with all kinds of things. You can type carrot into google and end up with a ton of stuff about carrots but not one about an orange one growing in the ground, lol.

usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist

sorry just trying to explain google will take you to web sites with tags which will have sensory symptoms.

why do you think you have MS? I dont expect the neuro would have mentioned it, so what i am trying to say is at 22 you should not be worried about having MS, but enjoying your life, and the more you worry about what it could be the worse you get.

I would go back to GP and say your symptoms have not improved, and go from there. I am sure you will be fine, but spondylitis whether its mild or not can cause some crazy stuff.

HUGS. xx Like ssue said everything was clear. so for now nothing sinister. xxx

Hi worried. I also have cervical spondylosis as well as ms. I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis years ago but it didn’t cause pins and needles but we are all different. I would advise staying away from google as well. I watched a programme a while ago about people using google to diagnose themselves a girl had convinced herself she had a brain tumour because she had a headache that had lasted two days. You need to go back to the doctor. There is no point stressing yourself out about it.

AS hard as DR Google is to resist, we often scare ourselves with it…just human nature for some to do it. You need to keep a diary of what`s happening and see your GP again if things don’t improve. xxx

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for your responses, they have made me feel a lot better and not alone. I have finally (after months of debating) made an appointment to speak to my GP again. I know that my MRI mad nerve conduction and exam were all clear but I can’t help but reading posts where people find out later that it was MS and the doctors just missed it. I don’t think I would be able to handle all of this… I haven’t been diagnosed but I have been taking high levels of vitamin D3 supplements along with a whole other bunch of supplements just because I’m super worried. I’m sorry for being annoying because it may just seem like I’m moaning about nothing whereas others on this forum actually have real issues but nobody around me understands what I’m going through & at the same time, I don’t want to worry my family. Thanks for listening & responding…

Your not moaning, your worried its natural but sometimes its good to step back and see things with other eyes.

You say you are taking a whole other bunch of supplements… that kind of raised a red flag for me.

Supplements can cause problems for people, if they dont need them, they can even overdose people its not safe to just take a bunch of stuff without first checking to see if they are needed.

not trying to scare you but i hope you discussed it first with your doctor.

I have bloods each year and my GP tells me everytime i have everything the level it should be lol. No i never get a gold star lol. I eat well and healthy, lots of good fruit, and veg, no fried or processed rubbish is allowed in my flat lol.

You will get answers its a long road sadly but your not on your own. its better sometimes to step back and just have a bit of a life sometimes it is the best medicine. It also can help those symptoms too.

Every now and then you will find regulars on here will fade for a bit because they are having a break from MS. we all need it and we know it does us good.

everyone with ms is different its a snowflake disease. It would be rare for anyone with clear MRI to suddenly find out they had MS.

so for now if you can try and relax a bit, like i said your not moaning your just worried, we all are. xxxxx