I suspect i may have MS

For some time I’ve had nerve issues in my left thigh, Dr’s have initially diagnosed meralgia paraesthesia as time has gone on other symptoms have appeared,left foot loosing feeling then the classic pins & needle effect and feeling like it’s in a bucket of ice water,right foot has also now started to loose sensation, I’ve had an mri from the neck down which proved inconclusive,nerve conduction Tests that didn’t go as planned because one nerve on each foot didn’t respond,other nerve response was slower than normal, I’ve suffered from strange random dizzy spells that Dr diagnosed as vertigo!,also my hands and fingers are gradually stsrting to loose some sensation, occasionally i suffer from blurred vision and bizarre stabbing pains in my right eye, my mental ability for processing information varies wildly and i seem to struggle to empathize with things any more, memory is also suffering too, I’m 57 yrs old and I’m sure it’s not old age,i now have to wait while my consultant decides what the next step is for me, anyone have any input on things for me as I’m in limbo at the moment,i have also duffered from depression and anxiety suddenly for the last 4 years which has caused me to quit a high powered and lucrative career.

hello Typhoon

it sounds like you have been given all the tests that i would expect.

however, as you may have noticed, it’s all a big waiting game.

I suggest that you see your GP for help with symptom management until you get either a diagnosis or the all-clear.

the fact that depression and anxiety entered the mix 4 years ago could be significant.

maybe your GP could arrange some talking therapy for you.

I really cannot say whether or not it is MS because obviously i am not a neurologist.

however whatever it is, it is impacting on your life.

you come across as a strong person so believe in yourself whatever the outcome.

i had to leave a well paid job too and i really miss that salary!

Carole x


You should be aware that there are many other diagnoses that share symptoms with MS. So while your symptoms could indicate MS, they may not result in that diagnosis.

However, I would have expected that a brain MRI scan be done, perhaps with contrast dye (shows more detail plus highlights active inflammation). That’s the most likely initial test for MS. And if that shows up demyelinating lesions, then a lumbar puncture and/or evoked potentials tests would confirm it.

The tests you have had seem to have ruled Meralgia Parasthesia out (MRI of spine as well as nerve conduction being inconclusive). Plus the other symptoms you have wouldn’t be present.

When you next see your consultant, you should perhaps ask what s/he thinks. Maybe ask if they will refer you for a brain MRI? Not suggesting that they should rule MS in or out, but it would seem an appropriate next step.

As Carole said, perhaps your GP could prescribe for your symptoms? Maybe something like Amitriptyline would help with the pins and needles / neurological pain? Or if you still have anxiety and depression, an antidepressant might help?

It is a hell of a thing to lose one’s income along with good health. It’s happened to many of us. But the least you expect in that situation is a diagnosis of some sort!

Best of luck.


Hi Carole, I’ve had councilling and that helped a little,just seems nothing is moving along and I’m stuck in limbo, although it looks like that’s par for the course, thanks for your input.

HibSue, thanks for your reply,i had a brain MRI last year and it didn’t really show much, I’ve tried numerous antidepressants and none helped me ,i tried amitriptyline and it didn’t really helpnwith pain issue’s either just use co codamol 30/500 if i get really bad, hopefully i will get some news from my consultant soon so i know where i am.


If you’ve had brain and spine MRIs and no lesions have been detected on either, then you won’t be diagnosed with MS.

Neurologists use the McDonald Criteria to diagnose MS see

No demyelinating lesions = no MS. So when you next see the neurologist, you’ll need to ask what else could be the cause of your symptoms.