I keep coming back here, just unsure what to do


I’ve posted a few times but got nowhere.

Over the last 1-2 years I have had weird symptoms:

pins and needles

feelings of “cold sensation” on different parts

shooting electric shock pains all over (this has been happening a lot recently and I think it’s linked to not getting enough sleep as it commonly starts when I’ve been awake too long)

my right arm and right leg feel different and I feel the muscles SOMETIMES get tired quicker although there is so issue with functioning

i had a phase months ago where my shin was numb on one leg for weeks and then got back to normal

even as I type this out, I’m kind of freaking out.

I’ve had a clear MRI and cervical spine which showed mild spondylitis

I know I should go back to the doctor but since the neurologist said its all good and suggested it could be something like “functional neurological disorder” when we get neurological symptoms but there’s no actual cause (or something like that)

, I just want to know if this convincingly sounds sinister or could it be related to my neck spondylitis…


Hello worried 24,

I f i was you, i would go back to the doctors and tell him/her that you are not happy with the neurologist diagnosis and would like a second opinion .

I started with burning pain on the back of left leg went to the doctors said it was weak muscle sent me for physio this went on for over a year pain and weakness got worse they said nothing they could do and referred me back to doctor.

In turn he then sent me to pain clinic they said nothing they could do,after which went back to doctors AGAIN he then sent me to see a neurologist had xray but no MRI it came back nothing he could do.

Went back to doctors again as i knew something is not right and asked for a second opinion so he sent me to see another neurologist and he sent me for full MRI head and back and found 2 lesions on my brain and referred me to MS specialist then after many months down the line i was finally diagnosed with PPMS.

So you see if you know in your self something is not right stick to your guns until you get answers to your problems.

sorry i have gone on a bit


Hi Ken,

when I went back (2 times) both times I was told it wasn’t MS. The first time they referred me to a rheumatologist and second time they referred me to a physio…

part of me DOESN’T want to go back. Blissful ignorance (except it’s not really blissful as I constantly worry!!)

what were your other symptoms and how are you doing now?


It is quite important to get either a solid diagnosis or a solid "we don’t know but will try x or y to find out. Maybe a lumbar puncture might make the picture clearer. I feel for you because not knowing can lead to all sorts of speculation, so you need to feel confident that “a” medical professional is listening to you and is trying to give you the best support. It is tough but might be worth making a fuss now to try and avoid missing the opportunity to manage what is going on.

All the best


Thanks for your reply Mick

Actually some days are better than others and when I have a good day, I think it’s gone away

i know this sounds silly but I’m going to ignore it / put it down to my health anxiety, eat my vitamins and forget about it cause I’m tired of worryimv

Hopefully it’ll go away