Good afternoon, My son has just been diagnosed with Progressive MS and I was wondering what I should be doing to help him now. He is 35, no where to live but still in work for the time being. Please can anyone give me some advice on where to start !!! Thank you

Hi Shaniawolf,

The first thing your son has to get through is the shock/reaction to being DX with MS.

This may or may not take some time, depending on your son.

The best thing to do is be there for him.

He will go through various stages but eventually ending in acceptance, hopefully.

Work sometimes is a good thing, it keeps him busy and acts as a distraction/release from thinking about the MS, but it depends also on his capabilities to continue in his role or will he face difficulties in coping in the work enviroment.

His employer should be able to help, by law, if he discloses to them, but even that has its down side.

I feel sorry for you and your son, you both are at a stage were things will seem really bad, but its how you deal with this situation which will decide how you cope in the future.

If you can be there for him, listern and offer support when he ask’s for help, try not to jump in without asking, taking over as most mother’s feel they should.

i hope this is of use for you.

Best wishes, Andy