worried about my daughter

Sorry to go anon, but my family use this computer and would know its me by my user name if they came on here, im worried about my daughter and have been for some time, I have M.S, symptoms started in my early 20’s (now in my 40’s) my 13 year old daughter has been experiencing symptoms, blurred vision, most mornings she wakes with numb hands, pain in her legs sometimes, and then her hands went numb whilst we were out shopping with a friend the other day, I just brushed it off but I know my friend was concerned, ill speak to her on the quiet soon, I know it could be just growing up and bodily changes but there is a real niggle that I have that she’s starting on this horrible path, gut instinct is to just leave well alone, see what happens and see if anything develops further, I dont want to start questioning things with her and upsetting her but I know she is thinking the same as she asks me questions-like did i ever get this and that, and now she has asked if she can start taking my Vit D tablets (she has multi vits) but has asked for them specifically. What would you do?, ive told no one, not even hubby, i dont want to start a worry that I cant take back.


Hello I’m so sorry you’re worried about your daughter. I don’t have much experience here, I’m afraid, except to say that my neuro suggested my children take 1000iu vit D3 daily from the age of 8 upwards. It sounds from what you’ve said as if she is probably worrying about having ms type symptoms already, so bringing things into the open and chatting might be beneficial. Could be the case that her anxiety could be contributing to her symptoms? Maybe starting on D3 could make her feel she’s building up a resistance? I wish you all the best in whatever course of action you take and hope that your daughters health remains robust Best wishes Jane xx

Hi anon, my advice is don’t ignore it, when my daughter’s first symptoms appeared she went to doc who said trapped nerve, then second symptoms appeared which was numbness down one side and blurry vision. Off she went to doc again who arranged urgent mri scan but before she could get app she became very unwell, started with headache and feeling dizzy and nausea and very quickly to becoming unresponsive and vomiting almost continuously, ambulance called and rushed into hospital where she was kept for two weeks as vomited all day for nearly a week. They could not scan her as she kept being sick in the mri scan and had terrible vertigo. They eventually got that under control enough to scan her and diagnose her with ms. The quicker she is diagnosed with whatever it is and it may not be ms the better and quicker treatment can start. Good luck and please share your fears with your hubby, he would want to know and be able to help. X

Hi, well as your daughter has already asked you questions, she is trying to talk about the possibility of having the same condition as you. So it would be the right opportunity to ask about her symptoms more. By trying to push it under the carpet, you are possibly ignoring something important.

You dont need to panic her, just let a doctor see her. If it is nothing, then problem solved…but if it is something more, then steps will have to be taken to help her.

love to you both,


Your daughter has shown that at least she does know about the importance of Vitd3. Clever girl. l encouraged my daughter to read all about it. l do have lots of books on vitamin d3 deficiency. So she has seen for herself the connection - not just ms - but 17 types of cancer. She has a close friend whose mother/granny/aunt have died from breast cancer - so l know she has advised her to take a supplement. l take 10.000ius daily - and l have my levels checked at CityAssays lab B/ham - details online. Never got up to the optimum level - still only 98nmols. 175/225 is the recommended level. So yes , l would start her on vitd3 anyway - its the best thing you can do for her. And the test from City Assays is only a pinprick test - so very easy. The results are emailed to you. l get my Vit d3 from amazon £15 for years supply of Healthy Origins 10.000ius. Depending on what her levels are - 10.000ius will probably be too much - but you can just take one - two - or three a week. When you consider that 15mins of full exposure of bright sunshine is the equivalent of 25.000ius - it gives you an idea of what we need.

l fully understand your concern over your daughter - us mums are all the same. Every time they complain of aches pains- anything -lts always a scare. We just have to do our best to keep them healthy. And all we can do to put our mind at rest is make sure that they are not deficient in Vit b12/vit d3 - l expect she has also looked up B12.

You are not alone in worrying.