Worried about my daughter

Hi everyone, not been on the site for a time but just wondered if anyone has any suggestions to help my daughter. I have RRMS diagnosed 8 years ago after suffering a number of unexplained symptoms (I now know it was a relapse), but my daughter is showing very similar symptoms i.e. strange sensations, fatigue, dizzy spells, low mood and unable to perform tasks involving thinking. She did go to the doctors 12 months ago who did a blood test and it did come back that she was B12 deficient (she had a course of injections) and did seem to improve but she is now much worse and after further blood tests is not in need of further B12. I am very worried about her, she lives some distance away so don’t see her that often, I miss her alot and not sure what to do, she is 31. Any suggestions that might help.


Hi Sue, this is doubly worrying for you, with your girl living away.

Has she been to her GP recently? If not then she must go and try to find out what is causing her problems.

That has to be her first move. Without being with her , what can you do but urge her to see her doc.

hope things improve.

luv Pollx

Hi Sue,

I agree with Poll, your daughter needs to go and see her gp as there is obviously something not right. I do feel for you living a fair distance away so all you can do is urge her to visit her gp.



Your daughter is making a point of letting you know about her symptoms. Living a distance from you means she doesn’t see you very often and my guess is she could ‘hide’ most of these symptoms when you meet, but for some reason she is making you very aware of her symptoms.

I wonder why she is doing this?