worried about feeling tired and double vision after travel

Hi everyone,

I live in the middle east at the moment and just had three glorious weeks in New York visiintg friends and family, most of which I spent also looking after my highly energetic and wonderful 2 year old son by myself. Needless to say at the end of this three week marathon I started feeling some old symptoms - notably very mild and occasional double vision - not full on just the slight drunken feeling and the inability to see things to my left very well - Im sure you know what I mean. Now I am home, after another 15 hour flight with the little 'un, and I feel like I have hit a brick wall. The giddiness is a bit worse and I am getting increasingly anxious. Do you think I am just exhausted/jet lagged - ie is this normal? Or am I starting to have a relapse? Just looking for some advice as I am getting a bit worried.