Working Tax Credit declined

I have been working full time since I was 17 years old and upto April 2011 when my fixed term contract ended. I consulted my MS nurse cos the hours were getting too much for me and I was really fatigued and causing me real pain. She confirmed that full time work was making my MS worse and suggested and confirmed to the Jobcentre that I worked 20-25 hours per week.

I found a new job last month, after claiming JSA for 6 months as an administrator working 16 hours per week. Because I had recently worked for the benefits agency I knew I could claim working tax credits.

However, payment has been declined cos I earnt too much in 2011 to 2012 tax year and therefore I cant claim until April 2012.

Has anyone else had this problem and did you appeal and did it work?

I now dont see how I can afford to keep this job as I would be better off on benefits but I do have pride and WANT to work.



I tend to think that this is not a grey area that you will be able to appeal. If HMR have looked at your earnings for the tax year in question and have said it was too high - it probably was. Tax credits being based on the previous tax year are confusing but if you were claiming JSA for 6 months of that tax year it seems odd that your income was too high.


I think they base the credit on the previous years earnings so next year you can claim for this year, whatever you are earning next year. Cheryl:)