Working in the NHS, struggling. ? Time to change

Hi all,

So, I was diagnosed in October following a number of issues, loss of vision, numbness, balance issues etc, etc.
I’m currently having Ocrevus. I work as a midwife, I work (supposedly 26hrs) but it is more like 30/32 hrs a week.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m really struggling. I’m stressed and exhausted all the time. I can’t afford not to work but I’m thinking maybe coming out of the NHS altogether and doing something else. I work on the early pregnancy unit and I love looking after my ladies, I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have come out of the NHS to do something else.

Thank you
Carole x

Hi ,I also work in the nhs as a CPN in Birmingham ,I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago and also on Ocrevus 3rd infusion due next week.

I work full time but have recently decided that my health is more imprtant and i am planning my exit route.I to loved my job but no longer can cope with stress and multitasking and the job is now so demanding.

I didn’t expect to have to stop working but my Brian and body say differently.

All the best

Carole, Carole

Please please think really carefully about this and don’t do anything rash. Have you been to see Occupational Health for support? They should help you and perhaps suggest some reasonable adjustments to make your working life easier for you. You really should only be sticking to your 26 hours - you should have managerial support for this.

Stress is not great for anyone it especially with MS. In the NHS there will be a stress at work policy. So many people working in the NHS take sick leave off with stress.

There are meds for fatigue so perhaps your GP could help you with this.

MS nurse might also be able to help.

I did come out of the NHS - still work in a hospital- different country - but much kinder less stressy environment - kinder management

Good luck

Min xx

Thanks for your replies, I won’t do anything rash. I’ve been trying to stick to 26 hours, it’s just impossible! I work with 2 colleagues and they are the same! I have seen Occupational Health but I think I need to go and give them an update, I’m definitely more stressed than when I last saw them. I’m having next dose of Ocrevus on Monday, I’ll speak to MS nurse about meds. In the meantime I will take stock.


i worked in cardiothoracic icu for approximately one year and struggled. Had a major relapse and was lucky they created me a role within the unit. ICU was too physically stressful. More like a recovery for high risk pts. I got bored with the new role as there wasn’t enough autonomy. I went back to uni and specialised in occupational health and am now an advisor but currently on long term sick due to a relapse following treatment for breast cancer and then got another local recurrence. I’m now hoping that they will allow me to work from home.
I would recommend speaking to your manager and getting referred to OH and see whether together a more suitable role can be identified. Did you train as a nurse before midwife? Good luck

It might be worth having a chat with your Union about options.

I worked in nh s for nearly 30years but now medically retired best thing I did. I am 55 now and have just been told i have secondary ms.

Sometimes you just have to think about yourself, I had a stressful job and I think this added to me being diagnosed straight in as SP, I cannot cope with anything stressful, it really effects me and my symptoms, so maybe for you it’s time to move on, if you can still work I’m sure there will be something out there for you, good luck.

Hi Carole, it is a shame how NHS staff and others are forced to give up a job they love, through MS and stress and any other pressure too.

I enjoyed my work…couldnt think of a better job…worked in Tourist Information Centres as senior assistant. A lot of stress came with it, which lost me a lot of my hair…but luckily it grew back.

This was before MS struck. Worse thing was the falls. I needed to be physically fit for the job as well as mentally alert.

I still miss the work and meeting so many folk from all over the world. I retired on ill health 20 years ago…age 47!

Back to you…as the others have said, see if OH can do anything to make work easier and less stressful.

If you do decide…or your body does…to retire, then go via ill health to get the best retirement deal.

Good luck and thankyou for the sterling work you do.